How To Be A Femboy In 5 Simple Steps

become a Femboy

“Femboy” used to be a buzzword back in the 90s. It was used a derogatory and homophobic term for men who did not adhere to the norms of masculinity. However, the internet picked up this word and redefined it in a positive light. In the course of this article, we will be covering what a femboy is, and how to become one.

Who Is A Femboy?

be a Femboy

A femboy can be regarded as a male that is below thirty and has the behavioral traits that are stereotypically feminine. In modern times, when men dress or have the visage of women, they would be frowned upon. Modern cultural norms dictate that men should be sober in both their dressing and mannerism. It is important to note that a femboy is not a crossdresser.

Guide On How To Become A Femboy

The following is a stepwise guide that would help a man to be androgynous, slim and have a femboy countenance:

1. Get Rid Of Facial Hair

The first thing a wanna-be femboy should do is to get rid of any form of facial hair. This is because hair on the face of a male represents aggression and virility. With a smooth shave, on the face, a man can take upon himself a femine look. This should also transcend to the legs and chest.

2. Wear More Feminne Clothing

The next practical way to become a femboy is by wearing clothes that suggest that you have a feminine outlook, or vibe. A typical male that likes to be masculine loves wearing clothes that have loose fitting. While women wear clothing that has tight fitting. To be a femboy, one must conform to the dress pattern of women. You have to go on tight trousers and shirts. Even jazzing up the color palette with pink and floral designs can add to the femine visage.

If your confidence level goes higher, you can then go on mini skirts and crop tops that you wish to flaunt.

3. Start Using Female Mannerisms

In order to be a femboy, it is important to note that dressing like a woman is not enough. A wanna-be femboy needs to act like one. First off, you need to close your legs when you sit down, or at least try to keep them together. A typical man tends to spread their legs because they don’t wear skirts, and have nothing worth closing for. Women on the flip side, do! A wanna-be femboy can also start making use of a high-pitched voice when they want to talk.  Being polite and wearing makeup is another interesting add-on.

4. Keep A Lean Physique

It is important to note that a typical femboy has a slim look. Although this might not be a realistic achievement for everyone, as you can still work with the shape that you have. If you really want to slim down, then go on a diet for a year or two.

 5. Always Brush And Floss Your Teeth

 To be able to maintain good oral health, a person needs to brush and floss regularly. The purpose of this dental care is to reduce the build-up of plaque. To be a femboy, one must have good oral hygiene.

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