Can Cockroaches Live in Your Penis or in Your Ball – Answered

Can Cockroaches Live in Your Penis

Can cockroaches live in your private area? Well, this may sound like one of those dumb ass questions out there but believe me, it is worth finding out.

Well, in this piece we will let you know how cockroaches can live in your body including private places like your balls, penis and inside your ear.

Can Cockroaches Live in your Penis?

It is very possible for cockroaches to crawl inside your penis hole mostly while sleeping but their survival is questionable. To the best of my knowledge, cockroaches can’t survive early morning urine if they were to crawl in at night, hence making it almost impossible to survive more than a day.

Cockroaches Live in private pert

Can Cockroaches Live in Your Balls?

Yes, it is very possible for Cockroaches to survive in this area depending on how clean or dirty this part of your body is. Normally little Cockroaches will sneak into dark places looking for where to feed and survive and if your testicles look like one then they are in.

Can Cockroaches Live in Your Ear?

Cockroach will definitely get into your ear but serving is another thing. Often time you will be so disturbed such that you need it to get out as soon as possible.

From a personal experience, having this shit in your ear can be so fucken annoying. Had to look for solution immediately to pull it off quickly.

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Yes, actually I had a bad case of cockroach pinis infestation a couple months ago, I woke up to a whole sworm if those buggers leaping right up in there and it was not pretty o o o let me tell yah, I went to the ER the next day and the only choice I had was to get my pinis surgical removed, or live the rest of my days with a roach pinis, and who would want that?


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