Largest Technology (IT) Companies

Top 20 Largest Technology (IT) Companies in the world 2022

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Here is a look at the Top 20 Largest Technology (IT) Companies in the world. The technology world is undoubtedly one of the most evolving sectors with great innovation and mind-blowing creativity. With attention to automation and robotic assistance, top technology companies across the world have had their share of input to meet this target.

While the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony technologies etc. headline the Top 20 Largest Technology (IT) Companies in the world, there are equally other high performing firms who have gained huge grounds in terms of revenue and popularity a well.

Greater number of Largest Technology (IT) Companies are domiciled in the US, countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan also have a good share of highly-rated Technology companies.

Here is the Top 20 Largest Technology (IT) Companies in the world

S/N Company     Headquarters Revenue


1 Apple Incorporated California 265.595 billion 132,000
2 Amazon USA 232.887 billion 647,500
3 Samsung Electronics Suwon, South Korea 221.6 billion 320,671
4 Foxconn New Taipei, Taiwan 149.90 trillion 803,126
5 Alphabet Incorporated California, USA 136.82 Billion 98,771
6 Microsoft Washington, USA 125.8 billion 144,106
7 Huawei Guangdong, China 105.191 billion 188,000
8 Hitachi Tokyo, Japan 89.10 billion 307,275
9 Sony Technologies Chuo, Tokyo 81.30 billion




10 IBM New York, USA 79.59 billion 350,600
11 Dell Technologies Texas, USA 78.7 billion 145,000
12 Panasonic Osaka, Japan 75.08 billion 273,858
13 Intel California, USA 70.8 billion 110,200
14 Beijing, China 65.01 billion 178,000
15 HP Incorporated California, USA 58.47 billion 55,000
16 LG Electronics Seoul, South Korea 55.91 billion 75,000+
17 Oracle California, USA 39.83 billion 137,000
18 HPE California 30.85 billion 60,000
19 TCS
20 Infosys Karnataka 11.8 billion 228,123

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The very first on our list is the world-renowned Apple Incorporated. The American multifunctional technology company which has its headquarter in California, USA is undoubtedly one of the largest if not the largest in the world. Known for its designs, development, online services, sell of computer software and consumer electronics, Apple ranks in the same category along with the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Several products produced (Hardware/Software) by Apple include:

Apple Watch Smart TV, Apple TV digital media player, The Mac Personal Computer, AirPods Wireless Earbuds, iPod Portable Media Player, HomePod Smart speaker, iPhone Smartphone, MacOS, IPadOS, WatchOS and Ios operating system, iTunes Media Player. Safari web Browser and iWork and iLife etc.


Amazon secures the third spot in our list of Top 20 Largest Technology (IT) Companies in the world. Domiciled in the US, Amazon is an American multinational technology company. Formerly known as Cadabra incorporated, Amazon came into being in 1994 and was founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue, Washington.

Above ground pool

The Amazon technological company are into;

Cloud computing


Consumer Electronics

Artificial Intelligence

Digital distribution

Subsidiaries include;

Amazon Game Studios, Amazon Robotics,, Abebooks, Alexa Internet, Amazon Books, Amazon Air, Amazon Lab126,, Audible, AWS, Body Labs , Twitch Interactive, Whole Foods Market, Woot, IMDb, Zappos, Goodreads , Amazon Publishing,, Ring, Graphiq, Book Depository and Amazon logistics etc.


Founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938, Samsung is a multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Founded initially as a trading company, Samsung has gone through some remarkable stage of recycling over the years.

Three decades from its establishment the company saw a huge diversification, venturing into different areas like food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. Samsung made its debut in the electronic industry in the late 1960s, the construction and shipbuilding industries followed afterwards.

The continuous growth of Samsung never stopped over the years, gaining global recognition as one of the biggest technological companies in the world today.

Products and Services Rendered by this Tech Giant cut across different Areas like;

Advertising, Apparel, Automotive, Chemicals, Medical Equipment, Electronic Component, Telecommunication Equipment, DRAM, Semiconductors solid-state drives, Home Appliances, Consumer electronics, Financial services, Hospitality, Retail and Ship Building etc.

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Hon Hai Precision Industry fondly called Foxconn is a multinational company headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan. Founded 1974 Foxconn has seen a huge revolution becoming the highest private employers in Taiwan. Moreover, this company are the highest provider of electronics manufacturing services.

Product and Service by Foxconn include;

iPod, Blackberry, iPhone, Nintendo, Xiaomi devices, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One, iPad, Kindle, Wii U, Xbox 360, TR4 CPU and Nokia devices.

Alphabet Incorporated

Created through a corporate restructuring of Google in 2015, Alphabet Incorporated became the parent company of Google subsidiaries. Co-Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both assume the executive role of the world’s fifth-largest technological company.

Products and Services Rendered by Alphabet Incorporated include;

Android Mobile Operating System

Google Search Engine


Other Subsidiaries of Alphabet Incorporated include;

CapitalG, DeepMind, Jigsaw, Makani, Sidewalk Labs, Verity, Calico, Waymo, Loon and Wing.


Famously known for its Windows operating system, Microsoft is an American multinational company. The Microsoft was founded by Bill Gate back in 1975 and has continuously evolved to one of the worlds largest company.

The continuous diversification in the company has seen them make some number of acquisitions including Skype and most recently LinkedIn.

Products and Services from Microsoft include;

Bing, Azure, Visual Studio, Window operating system, Mobile Phones, Microsoft Office Suite, Edge Web Browser, Xbox video game console, Microsoft surface etc.


It is simply amazing how Huawei has been transformed especially in the past two decades. Founded by Ren Zhengfei back in 1987, Huawei main focus was manufacturing of phone switches. However, over time this company have expanded and diversified into areas like telecommunication and consulting services etc.

Huawei has grown to become not just one of the largest company in China but the world at large. This has seen the Guangdong domiciled company hit revenue of more than a hundred billion in past years.

Product and Services from Huawei

Building Telecommunication network

Consulting Services

Operational Services

Manufacture of Communication devices


Hitachi began an in-house venture of Fusanosuke Kuhara mining company in Hitachi. Founded in 1910 by Namihei Odaira, Hitachi first ever product was Japan’s First 4-kilowatt inductor motor which was initially developed for use in copper mining.

Over the years ever since creation, there been a huge revolution in the company which have seen them venture into digital media, consumer product and power system etc.

Product and Service from Hitachi include;

Financial service

Digital Media and Consumer Product

Construction Machinery

Automotive System

Railway and Urban System

Power System

High Functional Materials and Component


Fondly known for the production and sells of computer hardware, IBM is an American multifunctional information technology company. IBM was founded in 1911 with Charles Ranlett Flint and Thomas J. Watson Sr.

IBM is currently operating in up to 170 countries across the world now employing 350,600 in the process. This company also holds the record for the most US patent generated by a business.

Inventions/Products and Services by IBM include;

Computer hardware, middleware and software, Providing Hosting, Consulting Services, Floppy Disc, ATM, SQL Programming language, Hard disc drive, UPC Barcode, Dynamic Random-Access Memory, Magnetic Stripe card.


Dell is a computer technology company that develops, repairs and sell computer and its accessories.This firm is named after its founder Michael Dell an American investor. Founded in 1984, Dell has its headquarter in Texas, USA.

Known across the world for its quality computer systems, this company was initially a pure hardware company until 2009 when it began venturing into some IT services. However, there have been steady growth and expansion within the company which still see their product relevant and highly in demand across the world.

Products and Services from Dell include;

Servers, Personal computer, Software Computer Peripherals, Data storage devices, Network, switches, Printers, Cameras and MP3 players.

Sony Technologies

Sony is certainly one of the oldest and most popular names in the tech world. Globally known for its superb home appliances, Sony company is equally into other areas like motion pictures, network services and medical business etc.

Sony Technologies was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. This company built the first Japanese tape recorder and have ever since then evolved to a mighty tech giant.

Product and Services by Sony Technologies include;

IT and Communication products, AV, semiconductors, Images and sensing solutions, Medical business, motion pictures, music, electronics and financial services etc.


Panasonic is a large multinational electronics company domiciled in Osaka, Japan. This company was founded by Konosuke Matsushita back in 1918. Though this tech giant is gradually losing grounds in some part of the world but their revenue has continued to burst placing them on this list.

Known for electronics and appliances, Panasonic is surely one force to reckon with in the tech world. This company has many subsidiaries which include electric works, universal lighting technologies, Kawakita Denhi Kigyosha, Sanyo electric company, avionics and anchor electrical.


One of the biggest revenue earners in the technological world today is Intel. The American based multinational corporation was founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce a business engineer and a physicist respectively.

Intel is widely known across the world for its manufacture of a processor for computer systems. However, the company are equally into the manufacture of chipset motherboard and graphics chips etc.

Products and Services by Intel include;

Flash memory, motherboard chipset, processor manufacture, embedded processors, network interface controllers and integrated circuits etc. formerly called 360buy made it to our list of top 20 technology companies in the world. The Chinese e-commerce store was founded by Liu Qiangdong. Has its main competitors in Alibaba, the firm has steadily been on the progress side making billions of revenue.

HP Incorporated

Very popular especially in computing. This is definitely one of the outstanding companies in the world in terms of consistency and continuous development. HP computers are only rivalled by a few names like Dell and Apple. Products like printer see them dominating in that very area.

HP Corporation was founded in 1939 by the duo of William R. Hewlett and David Packard.

Product and Services by HP Incorporated include;

Ink and toner, printers, Laptops, HP Business solutions and Desktops.

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LG forms part of the fourth-largest chaebol in South Korea and reached a remarkable $50.5 billion in 2014. The tech giant has been consistent and its products much accepted worldwide. LG becomes one of the Largest Technology (IT) Companies.

While LG’s main production rotates around electrical appliances, this has also seen a massive acceptance among users of this product. LG remains second world largest television manufacturers in the world at the moment.

Products and Services by LG include;

Home equipment, vehicle components, washing machines, home appliances and air solution, mobile communications and home entertainment etc.


Oracle is a multinational computer technology corporation based in California USA. Founded in 1977, Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates are the founders Oracle.

The oracle corporation is into human capital management, customer relationship management and database development which seems to be their main area.

Product and Service by Oracle include;

Customer relationship management software, enterprise resources planning software, supply chain management software database development etc.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise fondly referred to as HPE is an American multifunctional enterprise. Founded in 2015 HPE is a business-focused organization with two divisions: Enterprise Group, which works in servers, storage, networking, consulting and support, and Financial Services.


Here is a company that is fast-tracking to the top. SAP ranks among our top 20 largest technology companies in the world. Controlling (CO),The German-based company consists of several modules, including Financial Accounting (FI), Asset Accounting (AA), Controlling (CO), Sales & Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Quality Management (QM), Project System (PS), Plant Maintenance (PM), Human Resources (HR).


This is introducing Infosys, an Indian based technology company came into being since 1981 and have been pushing from all angles since. They are into Consulting, Outsourcing, Managed services.


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