How to Graduate with First Class

How to Graduate with First Class: Secrets of First Class Graduates

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Get the basic secrets of how to graduate with First Class. It is one thing to attend a university, while it is another to graduate with an excellent grade. First class degree is the dream of every newly admitted student. Sometimes, in the course of studies, these aspirations wanes away due to failures and frustration.

The student changes his or her mind, from the initial plan thereby settling for what he or she will be offered by the university at the end of their study period. Having discovered that a lot of students would love to graduate with a first class degree from their respective disciplines, we deem it necessary to bring you tips on how to graduate with a first class degree and the secrets of previous first class graduates.

Is Graduating with a First Class Degree Achievable?

Looking at the current challenges faced by the education system, one may likely ask the above question. But the good news lies in the fact that graduating with a first class degree is achievable by any who is willing and ready to attain that height of excellence.

Is it Possible to Make First Class after One Year Gone?

This is a sensitive question to be treated in this article. For those who still nurse the first class ambition after having performed poorly in the first year, first class is attainable but you are in for tedious work. This can only occur if a student can score an A in all the subsequent courses offered until their graduation. This is hectic work but attainable to only those who are willing and ready for the sacrifice involves.

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How to Graduate with First Class

The answer to the question of how to bag a first class degree is not just dependent on the suggestions preferred below, but on the individual involved in the quest; the following are simple suggestions on how to graduate with a first class degree.

Be devoted in the first two years

The first two years are most rewarding if you channel all energy to making good grades. Know that the higher level you attain, the more tedious the academic work becomes. As a result of this, the subsequent years experience minimum high scores in the assessment. This does not mean that other levels of study should be relegated, but simply continue to work hard in order to strengthen the scores already attained.

You must desire first class honours

Desiring to graduate with first class honours will help you to employ all the necessary means to get it. This will act as a driving force and guide your conducts during the university days.

Study-wide and be library friendly

To graduate with a first class degree, you need to study wide to expand your horizon of knowledge with the use of a library. Library is necessary because this is where text of other disciplines could easily be found. Your course lecturer will limit you to recommended texts which are related to the particular course at a time.

Checkmate your social life

This is not to despise social life, but an intending first class graduate must know when, where and how to socialize in order to get a good reward.


Look out for other intelligent students around you and work together. But, be careful as not all intelligent students maintain their intelligence to the end, if you notice any bad change you cannot influence or cope with, then you can make a change.

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Secrets of First Class Graduates (How to Graduate with First Class)

Every first class graduate employed most or all of the insight’s mentioned below;

Natural Intelligence

In most occassions, first class graduates are naturally endowed with brilliance that is unprecedented. For this, making a first is a walkway for them. Other also build their intellectual prowess overtime.

Being visionary and focused

The first class graduate is a visionary student. In Some cases they are mocked. They never give up on the vision because they seem to be pressing the right buttons in order to get there.

Laying a Good Foundation in Early Days

The first year of study is one the most important year. Any graduate who made first class laid a good foundation in the first two years.

Place yourself on academic competition

This competitiveness will help you stay on track with your dream of achieving this noble course
Begin studying very fast. One of the secrets of first-class students is studying as soon as school begins. As soon as school resumes, begin studying. Do not wait for notice of continuous assessment test or examination before you study.

Area of discipline and the institution

What you choose to study will highly influence the degree you graduate with. Some of the first class graduates studied what they loved in institutions which are proud of owning first class graduates.

The God factor

If the supernatural is consulted a student without jeopardizing the place of study for spiritual hopes, are bound to make it to the top. The suggestions given above directly concerns the fresh students of students in colleges because the proper application of these principles and with God on the side of such a student will earn him them their heart desire. However, there is still hope for those who nursed the ambition and lost it along the way. These set of students may not be able to get a first class degree but if they buckle up, they may be able to graduate with the second class degree.

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