Top 20 highest Jobs in Demand in Dubai

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Here we will be delivering to you the top 20 highest jobs in demand in Dubai at the moment. Not just top in demand jobs but also high paying jobs in the city of Dubai.

When jobs become highly in demand there a few things involved. Is either there is much demand for such services in a particular area or they are not persons or company offering such services. However, there are a few other services which tends to become popular and highly in demand as days pass by. This services may or may not really demand high certifications but certainly return some good pay.

There is no doubt that Dubai is one of the finest destinations one could travel to in the world at the moment. Many tourist make Dubai and UAE as a whole their preferred destination with many reasons. Apart from holidays, if you are planning to live and work in the city, then you may need to find out what job is really in demand in the city.

So, here we carefully research and came out with the Top 20 Jobs in Demand in Dubai and we analyze them for you.

The Top 20 highest Jobs in Demand in Dubai are as follows:

1  Management accountants

Top on list is Management accountants. This job ranks pretty high on the top 20 highest in demand jobs in Dubai at the moment.

A Management accountants work for public companies, private businesses, and government agencies. Duties of a management accountant include recording numbers, helping to choose and manage company investments, strategizing, budgeting, risk management planning,  and making decision.

Salary Per Year Range

($63,500 – $117,800)

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Management accountants

2  Financial planning analysts

Every business need a financial planning and there comes the need for a financial planner. In Dubai, new businesses surface almost on daily and they all require financial analyst especially those ones in medium and large scale.

The more professional you are, the better your chances of landing a high paying job in this field.

Salary Per Year Range

($82,200 – $123,500)

Financial planning analysts

3  HR Practitioner

Human Resource professionals and their job is to hire qualified candidates to ensure the suitability for the role. It is also their job to create an organizational development plan. Human Resource has a lot of facets, that being so, there are numerous responsibilities under its umbrella.

Salary Per Year Range

($78,000 – $150,000)

HR Practitioner

4  Finance managers

Basically their job is to manage in the inward and outward movement of cash in a firm. If there must be an existing business then there must be a financial manager. However, the continuous opening of new business in the city has seen the demand for the able personnel in this category.

Salary Per Year Range

($103,000 – $165,000)

Finance managers

5  Architect

The continuous infrastructural development in the city sees a continuous need for Architect in the country. Undoubtedly one of the finest in terms of infrastructure and there is no relentlessness in developing more. This in turn sees the increase in demand for this art.

Salary Per Year Range

($75,000 – $112,000)

Architect Architect

6  Developers

The world has almost completely moved to digital edge and Dubai are front runners in terms of information technology. This sees the demand for more and more software developers and programmers.

Jobs the Developers are expected to carry out include website development, database development etc.

Salary Per Year Range

($52,300 – $125,100)


7  Network engineers

Still in the IT field, another high demand opening is Network Engineering Job. They control the signal and connectivity of network and Cyber Café, companies and other places in demand for internet connections.

Salary Per Year Range

($62,200 – $104,600)

Network engineers

8  Customer Care

Job duty include answering phone calls, welcoming clients, responding to general inquiries and a lot more. This is one of the jobs with biggest opening in Dubai. Every company and businesses in general needs a representative to give immediate response to clients and potential customers.

Salary Per Year Range

($40,000 – $72,000)

Customer Care

9  Real Estate Consultants

Real Estate industry is another sector with a high demand of workforce. This is a result of the boom in the commercial sector of the country. That automatically leads to the need for more physical structures in the country. The resultant effect is the creation of more job openings in the area.

Salary Per Year Range

($75,000 – $135,000)

Real Estate Consultants

10  Paralegals

Paralegals are trained to handle subsidiary matters though they may not be as qualified as lawyers.

May as well be employed or retained by a lawyer in law offices, corporation, governmental agencies and other entities.

Salary Per Year Range

($64,000 – $91,500)

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11  Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist ranks among the top 20 jobs in demand in Dubai at the moment. This comes with the fact that there are not much work force in this very area. With that, a lot of job opening is expected from time to time.

Salary Per Year Range

($65,000 – $92,000)


12 Business Analyst

They analyze every single detail in a business. A successful business go through a thorough day to day analysis.

Every business needs an analyst but the bigger the firm the more expertise they may likely demand.

Salary Per Year Range

($53,000 – $94,000)

Business Analyst

13  IT project managers

As an IT Project manager, you are expected to see through the every area that involves information technology. Involved here is also management of personnel in this sector as well as looking to fix the unforeseen constrains should they come up.

Jobs in the management level in Dubai requires adequate educational qualification.

Salary Per Year Range

($71,900 – $163,500)

IT project managers

14  Sales Representative

Retail industry offers a very good career opportunity and a generous salary package for sales representative.

However, shopping centers and supermarkets never run out of need for Sales Representatives and Customer Service Professionals every year.

Salary Per Year Range

($40,000 – 72,000)

Sales Representative

15  Executive assistants and personal assistants

Executive assistants are expected to provide direct support to company executives and politicians etc.

Job roles include providing right hand support to their bosses. They coordinate, plan organize as well as controlling operational procedures, activities and administrative documentation.

Salary Per Year Range

($49,000 – $98,000)

Executive assistants

16  Compliance officers

Deals with every regulation in and outside the company to make sure they stay in line with the necessary regulatory requirements. As number of companies keep multiplying in Dubai, more and more opportunities keep opening for this job in several companies thereby placing it in our top 20 in demand jobs in Dubai.

Salary Per Year Range

($58,900 – $127,500)

Compliance officers

17  Senior counsel

Position of senior lawyers who see through legal matters in an establishment are so much in demand in Dubai at the moment.

This demands some high level of education, high skills and vast experience. You are expected to handle some huge and complicated task and come out successful.

Salary Per Year Range

($89,000 – $220,500)

Senior counsel

18  Hotel Staff

It is no more secrete that Dubai is one of the biggest tourist city in the world at the moment, more and more expensive hotels are being established in the city. This automatically generates the need for hotel staffs in management capacity.

There are quite some juicy packages waiting to those who are aspiring for a position in one of the luxurious hotels in Dubai which includes free food, transportation and accommodation aside their basic salary.

Salary Per Year Range

($40,000 – $72,000)

Hotel Staff

19  Secretary

The secretarial work involves paper works, responding to general inquiries and a lot more. You are also expected to make the life of CEOs easier. There are numerous employment opportunities from different sectors in Dubai like luxurious hotels, shopping malls, medical centers and a lot of commercial enterprises in Dubai etc.

Salary Per Year Range

($70,000 – $135,000)


20  Inventory Planner

As an inventory planner you are responsible for creating effective and superb inventory plans for the organization you are employed.

This demands some high skills level along with educational qualifications. Your pay may as well be determined by the level of one’s expertise.

Salary Per Year Range

($56,000 – $90,000)

Inventory Planner



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