9 Amazing iPhone Keyboard Tips to Ease your Typing Experience

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iPhones are incredibly compatible and provide high-end user-experience till the date. Apple has never compromised with the iOS configuration, starting from its performance to reliability. But, one thing that might go unnoticed for most of the iPhone users is- iPhone’s game-changing keyboard hacks. If you look into the upcoming keyboard tips closely, then you can interpret what you have been missing for years.

These iPhone keyboard shortcuts and tricks won’t only relieve you from tedious typing efforts, but also mitigate your typing flaws. Grab your iPhone to test and try all the following keyboard tips for a perfect demonstration. Furthermore, you can apply these tricks whenever required, to ease your typing.

1.  Preferences for Keyboard Settings

Are you tired of turning on and off auto-capitalization more often? Would you like to avoid text prediction? Then, why don’t you sort all your priorities at the very beginning? This tip is unavoidable especially when you are a newbie with your iPhone. Tap the Settings icon. Scroll to General and tap over it. Locate the Keyboards section and press it.

There you can notice auto-capitalization, check spelling, auto-correction, enable CapsLock features and more. Activate or deactivate the sets of options as per your requirements. You can notice a “.” shortcut that allows you to type a period by tapping the spacebar, for twice a row. On the other hand, Enable Caps Lock, it might prove beneficial for your use. Once you have managed your typing preferences, let’s move on to the next iPhone keyboard tip. Or, in case of any technical glitch, you can join with iPhone Repair Dubai.

2.  Reverse your typing with a Shake

Whether you have chosen an incorrect predictive text or mistakenly typed anything else, now you have to put effort to clear the sentence. The most usual way to clear the piece of text is to tap the Delete button until you get the desired result. However, it seems extremely monotonous. Do you have any idea that you can perform a single shake to undo your last action?

If you have to save time from now on while deleting, then shake your iPhone gently. A prompt message will show up to confirm your action. If you mean to delete the last typed texts, then tap on Undo; or else tap the Cancel option. Now, you can carry on with the fresh thoughts for your messages and notes. In case, the iPhone keyboard seems unresponsive, avail iPhone repair Dubai services without any delay.

3.  Insert Capital Letters with a Swipe

Maybe, you have activated that Enable Caps Lock option from the Keyboards settings. But, enabling the Shift key every time might confuse you. And, here the iPhone keyboard has come into rescue. If you want to swiftly activate the capital form of the letter, swipe your finger from the Shift key to the key that you need to capitalize. You need not tap the Swift key twice to switch in between uppercase and lowercase letters.

4.  Adjust the Size of the Keyboard

iOS 11 has launched one-handed mode for convenient typing. If you have to reply to someone on the go, then this mode will definitely help you. This feature adjusts the size of your iPhone keyboard according to your particular-hand preference. If you use your right hand for typing, then make it shifted to the right or else shift the keyboard to the left.

In addition to this, the keyboard will reduce in size. To make use of this one-handed mode, locate the Globe icon from the keyboard panel. Afterwards, continue with your left or right shift. There you go, with your new resized keyboard. Well, this feature is available in the latest plus-size iPhones such as iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, etc.

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5.  Create Text Shortcuts

Most probably, you use popular phrases for replying to someone. For instance, when you wish someone on their birthday or anniversary, you have to type those same phrases again and again. iPhone offers you a Text Replacement feature to simplify your typing efforts.

You can customize text shortcuts with iPhone keyboard functions. For instance, you have to type: “Oh! My God”. Here’s how you can skip typing the entire phrase with a cool shortcut:

  • The Text Replacement option is available under the following pathway: Settings-> General-> Text Replacement.
  • Locate the + sign to create a new text replacement.
  • Type ‘Oh my God’ in the Phrase section and ‘OMG’ in the Shortcut section.

And voilà! Well, you can customize the text shortcuts however you want. From next time, you need not type the entire text; just type OMG and the phrase will show up in the predictive text region. On the other hand, all your customized text shortcuts will reside in the alphabetical order, so that you can search for them instantly.

6.  Type with Swipe Instead of Tap

Do you want to make your typing smooth? Rather than tapping you can use the QuickPath feature to get the typing done with swipes. It guarantees faster typing if you become used to it. You have to swipe from one to another unless you complete an entire word. If the swiping goes wrong, then tap the Delete button to clear the word. Then, start swiping again. With a little bit of practice and precision, you can absolutely type faster with swipes instead of tapping. Contact iPhone repair Dubai if swiping doesn’t work for your iPhone.

7.  Convert the Keyboard into Trackpad

More or less, every smartphone user complains about the cursor control when it comes to typing or cursor movement. The iPhone has wiped out the issues with text slider and you can freely navigate a document even for editing purposes with the iPhone keyboard. Just firmly press the Spacebar key for a while. And, you will gain control over your text-editing cursor.

8.  Get Relief from Selection and Copy Tantrums

When you have accessed the precise cursor control, now you can proceed with selecting and copying the text pieces. Double-tap on a particular word to select it, and if you tap three times in a row, then the entire paragraph will be selected. A pop-up menu will appear with copy, cut-and-paste options.

Now, how to not copy the entire paragraph, but some selected words? You have to pinch your fingers to extend or shrink the selected text length. Then, you can go with a copy or cut. To paste the selected phrase, pinch out with your fingers.

9.  Want to Go Bold or Italic?

Selected iPhone variants allow you to activate bold or italics options to add extra charm to your text or notes. Additionally, you can underline pieces of text. The conversion is pretty easy to perform. You need to select the text on which you want to accomplish the text style. A pop-up will appear and you have to select the BIU option. Then, you can interchange among the bold, italics and underline styles.

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More to Explore about the iPhone Keyboard…

Besides all the above-mentioned tips, you can use the microphone to convert your speech to text. Moreover, you can discover the meaning and origin of words using the dictionary. In other words, the benefits are endless for the iPhone keyboard. If you want to experience customized themes and fonts, then you can also avail third-party but trusted applications.

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