Health Benefits of Moringa

8 Proven Health Benefits of Moringa and How To Use Them

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The benefits of herbs are not new to us. Many herbs are known for their medicinal benefits as well as other health benefits for hundreds of years. Just like turmeric and other popular herbs, moringa is also known for its multiple health benefits.

About Moringa – miracle tree

Moringa, also known as “miracle tree”, “tree of life”, “horseradish tree” and “drumstick tree” is native to Northern India. Traditionally, moringa roots, leaves, seeds, flowers are used for various health purposes.

Health Benefits of Moringa

I came to know about the health benefits of moringa a few weeks ago while attending a webinar on brain health. One of the renowned neuro-physicians in Rawalpindi was advising people to take moringa tea for improved brain health. You might also hear your grandmother telling you the benefits of moringa powder. In case you are wondering about the benefits of moringa, read the following piece of information.

Health benefits of moringa

Before we move on to the benefits of moringa, remember that moderation is key. Overconsumption of moringa in huge quantities can be harmful. In the same webinar, I heard the doctor sharing an incident when a patient was brought to the emergency of Maryam memorial hospital in Rawalpindi, due to overconsumption of moringa on a daily basis.

Some of the benefits of moringa are;

1. A dietary supplement

The Moringa plant is known for its high nutritious value and consumed as a dietary supplement. Nutritionally speaking, moringa contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, riboflavin, magnesium, iron and some quantity of protein too.

However, the nutritional value of moringa is different for distinctive parts of a plant. In many parts of the world, moringa capsules are consumed that along with a balanced diet can help with certain nutritional deficiencies.

2. Moringa for hair and skin

Moringa is important for our skin health because;

  • It can slow down skin ageing due to its property to prevent wrinkles and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Moreover, moringa is also effective against acne breakouts.
  • Moringa can remove toxins from the blood that can be the cause of various skin problems.
  • Further, moringa can help to reduce open pores and improve skin texture.
  • Moringa can act as a moisturizer for sensitive lips skin.

3. Important for liver health

Your liver plays an important role in detoxifying the harmful chemicals in blood as well as metabolizing fat. Moringa consumption is known to boost this activity of the liver hence improving liver function. Apart from this, moringa also helps to reduce liver damage

4. Anti-inflammatory

Another health benefit of moringa is its anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the components present in moringa such as polyphenols, isothiocyanates can account for their anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this very reason, moringa consumption is known to improve bone health and can relieve arthritis symptoms.

5. Try moringa for better digestion

Moringa contains 30% fibre content which not only improves digestion but also helps to counter the risk of various diseases. Moringa is a natural antibiotic along with being antibacterial in nature. Both of these properties of moringa help to counter harmful gut pathogens eventually improving digestion.

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6. Moringa is brain healthy

Several studies found a close association between moringa and brain health. Moringa plant’s components can fight the oxidative stress in brain cells. The reduced oxidation helps to prevent brain diseases due to brain oxidation including dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

7. Moringa can control your blood sugar level

Regulated blood sugar levels can be problematic as they can lead to chronic diseases including diabetes and other associated health problems. However, the consumption of moringa can help to lower blood sugar levels due to the presence of active components in it.

8. Moringa is good for your heart

Moringa can also lower blood pressure that can be one of the biggest reasons for heart diseases and help to maintain heart health.

Takeaway Note!

Other than all these health benefits, moringa can also;

  • Help the wound healing process
  • Treating problems like asthma
  • Protecting against kidney disorders
  • Aid in improving eye health
  • Fight hormonal imbalances hence, improving fertility.

But there are certain side effects too that can help result when you over consume moringa. So, you should consider how frequently you are consuming moringa.

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