How To Graduate With First Class In Engineering

How To Graduate With First Class In Engineering, Top Secrets

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Here are the top secrets on How To Graduate With First Class In Engineering. Graduating with a first class degree in engineering is not an easy task. First class does not have to do with the grades only, but also with the efficiency of a student in both character and learning.

Over time, graduates of some institutions have learnt to live with the impression that their discipline does not and cannot produce a first class graduate, but this is an erroneous impression. For those who have concluded as said above, you need to have a rethink, but for those who are determined to make it work, here are a few tips on how to graduate with a first class honour from engineering.

Top Secrets of graduating with First class in Engineering

The first thing to be considered is the institution that you are studying in or you want to study in

Before choosing to study engineering in an institution, please check their graduation history to avoid fighting a herculean battle. There are institutions that have never awarded a first class honours degree to any graduate before, this is questionable. Therefore be sure you can scale through this before you proceed to this institution.

Know the study technique that best suits you

The study technique that suits other students may not be suitable for you. The individual brain acts with peculiarities related to an individual. Therefore, avoid cramming if you are not good at it.

Begin reading on time

If you want to graduate with first class in engineering, then you have got to begin studies on time. Most students wait for school session to be far gone before getting serious with studies.

Engineering is a broad field and for you to excel, you must read everything recommended and those related to it for better understanding and broader horizon.

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Take Year One and Two seriously

In year one, you will be exposed to some general courses.  Of course, some borrowed courses, ensure to crack down all borrowed and general courses in addition to your departmental courses.

Your ability to graduate with a first class in this area of discipline will also be influenced by how well you treated and studies other courses you offered.
Taking the above-mentioned level seriously does not imply that seriousness should not be seen at other levels. Many first class graduates made their first class in year one and two. They only built on the foundation in subsequent years.

 Attend classes

Being present during the lectures is not a guarantee to passing the course. Scoring high during exams, it only gives an advantage of learning a new thing at that moment.

However, in order not to give the lecturer any reason to want to frustrate your efforts, attend their lectures while you work for your dreams.

Vision is important

It is your vision, and your readiness to pursue that you keep you going even when the going gets rough. Do not broadcast your intentions of graduating with a first class to anyone except people who will help you achieve the ream.

Meaningful competition

Look out for engineering students who are more intelligent than you. Study their techniques, place yourself on a competition for good grades.


Do not make an impression that intending first class students are often introverts. Be free to interact with a group of intelligent student. Ask questions and make contributions. This will expose you to certain things you need to know about the course.

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Work on your intellectual capacity daily

There are series of mnemonics used to promote the intellectual capacity of an individual if you want to graduate with a first class in engineering. Work on your brain daily to achieve the desired result.

Be optimistic

Being optimistic implies the feeling that even if no one else could make it, I will. Build this self-confidence around you knowing full well that you are employing the necessary approaches in order to achieve your set goals in engineering.

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