UNIJOS Remedial Past Questions and Answers pdf Download 2020

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Students of Unijos who are preparing to write their remedial examinations and perhaps looking for past questions to help guide them can get it here. We have an up to date Past Questions for UNIJOS Remedial pdf. We have the complete and up to date University of Jos Remedial Past Questions for you. So, if you are preparing to write the UNIJOS Remedial screening examinations and perhaps looking for past questions and answers then, you definitely will have it here.

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UNIJOS Remedial Syllabus

UNIJOS remedial Syllabus is nothing different from that of JAMB. There is nothing to actually worry about as it actually go in line with what you have been taught. Meanwhile, it is advised to study quite hard and wide while preparing for this as questions can be thrown just from anyway withing the subject combined. The benchmark is we can’t lay our hand on this institution’s entrance screening syllabus but if you can get it from elsewhere, then good and fine.

How Many Questions are There in UNIJOS Remedial

It solely depends. However, questions are picked from different subject areas combined together.

UNIJOS Remedial Subject Combination

Solely dependent on the faculty and course in question. For instance, those aspiring for the Faculty of Engineering are expected to have a subject combination of Mathematics, English, Physics, and Chemistry. The same implies to other courses and faculty. As a matter of fact, students should expect a similar subject combination as that which they wrote during JAMB. The benchmark is, there are usually subjects combined except for any significant change recently which hasn’t been announced yet.

How to Pass UNIJOS Remedial Exams

How to Pass UNIJOS Remedial exams? Well, the answer is study, study, and study very hard. Though the questions are not quite as tough as what students imagine. Believe me, you can give it an ace with super and adequate preparation. The reason you should do more is that there are thousands of students equally looking to get admitted into this institution and the school can’t accumulate them all.

Now, what happens? you need to score very high even above their cut-off mark. In time past, there has been a case of a student scoring good grades in the examination but still didn’t get admitted. It is quite simple to understand that others scored higher and perhaps shifted you from the admission range.

Nature of UNIJOS Remedial Exams and What to Expect

The nature of the remedial examination in this school has remained the same over the years. Different questions in total picked from four different subject areas as combined for your intending course of study. Questions are not tough, neither is it a stroll in the park, so one has to really prepare which is why you need the past question that will further aid your success.

How is UNIJOS Remedial Exams Marked?

As in JAMB-UTME, the Post UTME is marked over 400. So, each question carries 10 marks. Good enough as it is computer-based these days which leaves room for very little or no error at all in the marking process. However, it doesn’t take time for the institution to come up with their result as well.

We’ve seen instances in the past where students complain of different outcome from what they did themselves – that’s in the past I must tell you. The other chronic occurrence back in the days of pen and paper was lost of scripts. All of these have no place anymore in this era of computer-based examination.

Past Questions Samples

Below are the samples of some of the past questions available for you.

1. Which of the following represents an aromatic compound

(a ) CoH5oH

(b) CoH12

(c) CoHoOH

(d) CoH8

2. A compound contains 31.91% potassium, 28.93A chlorine and the rest oxygen. What is ‘tie chemical formular of the compound? 25cm of o.2moldm’3 solution of Na2CO3 requires 20ciii3 of a solution of HC1 for neutralization. The concentration of the CR1 solution is

a) 0.Smoldm3

(b) 0.(nnoldm3

(c) 0.2nioldm3

(d) 0.4moldm3

3. A gas X diffuses twice as fast as gas y under the same conditions. If the relative molecular mass of x is 28, calculate the relative molecular mass of y.

(a) 112

(b) 120

(c) 56

(d) 14.

4. Which of the following ion is acidic?

(a) K+

(b) N03

(c) S2

(d) H304

5. In the electrolysis of a concentrated solution of sodium chloride at the cathode and the anode respectively?

(a) Na4 and Cl’

(b) Na4 and 0H

(c) H4 and 0H

(d) W and Ci

6. A given volume of methane diffuses in 20s. how long will take the same volume of sulphur (iv) oxide to diffuse under the same conditions? What volume of 0.5moldm’3 HS04 will exactly neutralize 20cm3 of 0.lmoldm’3 Na OH solution?

(a) 2.0cm3

(b) 5.0cm3

(c) 6.8cm3

(d) 8.3cm3

7. What is the correct IUPAC name for NO2?

(a) dioxonitrate (iv) ion

(b) trioxonitrate (iv) ion

(c) trioxonitrate (iii) ion

(d) dioxonitrate (iii) ion

8. The pressure of 100cm3 of oxygen at 35°C is 75OmmHg. what i1l be the volume of the gas if the pressure is reduced to l00mmHg without changing the temperature

(a) 650cm3

(b) 850cm3

(c) 750cm3

9. Which of the following is not an outcome of cession:

(a) There. is progressive change in species structure, organic matter and energy flow

(b) There are fewer dominant species in stages of succession

(c) There is no dynamic equilibrium between the community and habitat in the

climax stage.

10. The statement that the environment determines which organism survives to reproduce.

(a) explains the theory of acquired characters

(b) support Jean Lamarck’s theory of use and disuse

(c) Supports the idea of ‘Survival of the fittest

(d) implies% that organisms modify it r environment in order to


How to Download UNIJOS Remedial Exams Past Questions & Answers

Note: The past questions are not for free, rather they are bout for just ₦2000. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about downloading free past questions and answers for free because it is never true.

Method of Payment

In other to get the material delivered to your mailbox in PDF format, you are to make a bank deposit of ₦2000 naira to the following bank details:

  • Account Number: 0731933754
  • Account Name: Unyah, Aniekeme Kingsley
  • Bank Name:  Access Bank

After payment, please send The Following to this Number ‘09030418025

  1. Name of the School
  2. Course of Study and The Particular Past Question
  3. Your email address or Whatsapp number to 09030418025 and we will forward the preferred past questions and answers to you in PDF format.

Why Do you Need The Past Questions

Well, if you keep asking this question, then it is laughable. For your interest though, the need for past questions and answers are not to be overemphasized at all. In most cases past questions give a beautiful insight of exactly what one should expect in the examination.

Question on some occasion does repeat itself in the examination. I mean we have seen cases in which questions are jacked from the previous years to the current one. In such situation, if you had a past question and prepare for it, then you are almost certain to push through it except you did not prepare well with it.

The other fact has to be that, most institutions follow a similar pattern of setting examination. Meaning, they will only spin the questions about but it is literally the same thing. In this case you will definitely have an edge over those who did not have access to the past questions at all.

We always advise people to get past questions when preparing for examinations. However, if have equally gotten lots of testimonies of how it has helped them over the years.

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