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Vanderpump Rules Recap – Top 10 Moments Of Vanderpump Rules

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Here is our look back at one of the most popular TV series in the States right now ‘Vanderpump Rules’.  With the Vanderpump rules season 8 premiere, we pick some of the best moments in the TV series you may have skipped. Vanderpump rules season 8 episode 4 seems to be the most popular at the moment but Vanderpump rules season 8 episode 1, however, this is our vanderpump rules recap.

1. Vegas Fight

When the SURvers headed to Las Vegas in season 1 for Stassi’s birthday, things quickly took a turn for the worst when Jax showed up after he was uninvited by the birthday queen, who was celebrating with her new boyfriend Frank. Frank, Jax, and Sandoval ended up fighting shirtless — still unclear why the men decided to take their shirts (or chunky sweaters) off — in a parking lot.

2. Jax Dumps Laura-Leigh

Jax attempted to move on from Stassi with aspiring actress and SUR waitress Laura-Leigh, but their fling didn’t last long (despite managing to sleep together in multiple public restrooms). The bartender dumped Laura-Leigh after attending an AA meeting with her, and shortly after, she got the last laugh when she left town for a role in Jennifer Aniston’s We’re The Millers.

3. Stassi Slaps Kristen

The SUR staff was rocked by rumors that Jax and Kristen slept together in season 2. Despite denying the allegations for months, Jax eventually fussed up and Stassi slapped her BFF as a result. (And no one was ever able to watch the movie Drive the same way again).

4. Kristen Brings Miami Girl to SUR

It’s safe to say Kristen had a hard time moving on from her relationship with Sandoval, and after he started dating Ariana Maddox, the former SUR employee was so determined to prove her ex-boyfriend was a cheater that she brought a girl — who messaged her on Twitter — to the restaurant to confront him in season 3. No one believed Miami girl, but Kristen’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

5. Jax Admits to Cheating on Stassi

After an entire season of he-said, she-said, Jax finally admitted to cheating on Stassi in the season 1 finale. He also quit his job at SUR, but unlike his relationship with Stassi, his bartending career lived to see another day.


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6. Jax Steals a Pair of Sunglasses

A relaxing vacation to Hawaii went south when Jax got drunk and stole a pair of sunglasses during season 4. While Jax had nice intentions — he wanted to give them to current girlfriend Brittany Cartwright! — he ended up on probation for a year.

7. Tom and Katie’s Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

Katie and her now-husband Tom Schwartz had joint Bachelor/Bachelorette parties in New Orleans in season 5. While the entire trip was full of wild moments, the most memorable has to be the groomsmen dressing up in drag … and Schwartz subsequently fighting with Kristen’s boyfriend Carter, all while dressed up as a Sia lookalike.

8. Jax Admits to Cheating on Brittany With Faith

So far the main story line of Pump Rules’ sixth season is Jax cheating on Brittany with former SUR employee Faith Stowers, and one of the most shocking revelations from his affair is that he admitted it so quickly.

9. Scheana and Shay Call it Quits

Scheana and her husband, Mike Shay, split after two years of marriage. The couple had a rocky relationship as Shay battled a pill addition shortly after they tied the knot. Scheana has since moved on, but fans will never forget her infamous crop-top wedding dress and canvas wedding photos.

10. James Kennedy and Lala Kent vs Everybody Else

When season 5 of Pump Rules rolled around, it was James and Lala Kent versus … everybody else (other than Ariana and Sandoval who attempted to stay neutral). The two groups got into it during the fifth season premiere when James and Lala tried to sit with the others at a party. “I can see that everybody here has not been working on their summer bodies,” Lala quipped right before the fight got physical and Scheana nearly ruined James’ Yeezys.

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