How to Get a Cape in Minecraft no mods

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft no mods – This is How To Do It

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This is How to Get a Cape in Minecraft no mods. Some never believe that this can be done at all but gurus from the blog had to do it, showed us how it is done before we decided to share this with the world.

I am wondering how exactly to add a cape to my player without mods and most of our readers will also be curious about how to get a free cape in Minecraft no mods. However, we will show you how to get a custom cape in Minecraft no mods as we proceed.

Here is How to Get a Cape in Minecraft no mods;

how to get a cape in minecraft no mods

Step 1: Skin Type

Your skin type matters here so much. Now, make sure your skin is a 1.8+ skin, not a 1.7 skin, this is the only way you can make a cape in Minecraft no mods.

Step 2: Make Your Cape Design

You need to design what your new cape looks like here. Go to and make a cape design yourself. This involves creating an overlay in the middle of Steves body and fill the back with any color, three pixels over his arms. Difficult right? Well, it is not that difficult, you can do it.


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Step 3: Set Up Skin

Finally, Set your skin by going to

That’s how simple and difficult it is to get a cape in Minecraft no mods. We can authoritatively tell you that there is no other method of getting a Minecraft cape no mods than this at the moment. As a matter of fact, the Minecraft company will tell you that it is impossible to do so, many other top gaming websites share a similar sentiment. However, if you have or feel there are other ways to get this done, then our comment box is always open for your contribution.

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