HBO Max vs HBO Now

HBO Max vs HBO Now, HBO Max vs HBO go – The Difference

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We bring to you HBO Max vs HBO Now and HBO max vs HBO go comparison. Many subscribers of this streaming platform are eager to know the difference between this app HBO app upgrades, and here we bring it.

Right now HBO has three total streaming apps: HBO Max, HBO Now, and HBO Go. But the company is getting rid of HBO Go and renaming HBO Now as simply HBO. So, as of July 31, it will have only two streaming apps: HBO Max and HBO.

HBO Max is similar to the legacy HBO Go and HBO Now apps but with additional programming and more product features. Generally speaking, HBO Now and HBO Go were roughly the same product.

The main difference is who uses them: HBO Now was the network’s stand-alone streaming app that let anyone sign up for $15 a month without needing to be part of a pay-TV package, while HBO Go is the app for people who already have an HBO subscription through a live-TV provider like cable or satellite. Both HBO Now and HBO Go streamed all the programming available on WarnerMedia’s traditional HBO network.

Most legacy HBO Now customers can switch over to HBO Max for no additional cost. Most Now users who want to upgrade to Max just need to accept the terms of service, privacy policy, and a selection confirming they want the expanded catalog.

For HBO Go users, it’s more complicated. HBO Go is unlocked by a pay-TV subscription, but HBO Max won’t unlock for all pay-TV customers. (Pop back up to the “How do I get Max if I already have HBO?” section for those details.)


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WarnerMedia’s decision to get rid of HBO Go as of July 31 also complicates matters for people who stream with Roku, Amazon Fire TV or any other devices that don’t support HBO Max. Unless HBO Max reaches deals with those companies, people who rely on HBO Go to stream HBO programming with a Roku or Fire TV won’t have a simple app to do it once HBO Go is retired. To watch on TVs, these HBO pay-TV subscribers will need to watch HBO through their cable, satellite or other input, or through their pay-TV operator’s own app, if one exists.

The Difference Between HBO Max from all the rest of AT&T’s streaming services

AT&T TV is similar to a cable or satellite pay-TV service, except it’s delivered over the internet. AT&T TV includes live channels, DVR, and video on demand that cable subscribers are familiar with, plus the ability to stream from apps like Netflix and Pandora. To watch on TVs, AT&T TV has its own proprietary streaming box that AT&T requires you use, and subscribers can watch everything on mobile devices with an app too. Right now, it starts at $50 a month for the cheapest tier’s first year; the price jumps to $93 a month in the second year.

AT&T TV Now, on the other hand, is a live-TV streaming service along the lines of Sling TV or YouTube TV. If you were familiar with DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now is just the renamed version of that service. Rather than requiring a specific box, it lets subscribers stream live channels to Rokus, Apple TVs, Fire TVs, and more, and the channels are available on a mobile app as well. It also has a cloud DVR. Services like this are sometimes called skinny-bundle streaming services, but AT&T TV Now’s cheapest package isn’t particularly skinny — $55 a month for more than 45 live channels (not including HBO). Still, it isn’t quite as robust as AT&T TV, which is meant to replicate the giant cable packages of traditional TV.

Finally, AT&T Watch TV is closer to a traditional skinny bundle. It offers more than 35 live channels, including AT&T-owned TBS, TNT, and CNN. AT&T Watch TV is a free perk included with certain unlimited AT&T wireless data plans, but anyone can sign up for it for $15 a month. It was designed as a mobile-first service, but you can stream AT&T Watch TV to televisions with a few boxes, including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, but others aren’t supported, like Roku boxes.

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