Top 20 Jobs in Demand in India

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Here are the top 20 jobs in demand in India at the moment. Get employed is not just the answer but how relevant is your skill and perhaps what are the potentials in it. Here we present to you several jobs with high demand in India at the moment.

There is no doubt that India is one of the fastest growing economy at the moment. Technology is fast taking over the territory, same goes to every other sector. With this, there is high employment rate as adequate manpower is needed.

While greater population are already keying-in in certain aspect which seems to be popular within the region, there are other aspect that adequate manpower is lacking. Migrants and even citizens can also take advantage of this not so popular jobs.

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Top 20 Jobs in Demand in India

1. Data Scientist

2. Welder

3. Teacher

4. Vocational Instructor

5. Architect

6. Registered Nurse

7. Business Manager

8. Cashier

9. Account Manager

10. Fitness Trainer

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11. Pharmacist

12. Psychologist

13. Veterinary Assistant

14. Steam Fitter

15. Merchandise

16. Software Engineer

17. Personal Finance Adviser

18. Physio Therapist

19.Cyber Security Expert

20. Cloud Architect

There are quite good job opportunities in market in India as we have it, but the hiring strategy and required skill set has changed drastically in the past few years.

Companies in India hire based on their client demand only. This is as previously they used to hire in bulk and then outsource whenever required. No company wants to spend much on recruitment, they expect already trained resources, so getting a job as fresher has been tough lately. As a fresher too you must be good in technical skills now a days along with aptitude.

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Frequency of off campus hiring has slightly gone down in last two or three years. Big companies now hire from consultancies to reduce their hiring cost. Os overall opportunities are still quite good, but you need to put more effort to get hired now a days.

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