Top 20 In Demand Jobs in Canada – Exclusive

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Canada is undoubtedly of the biggest destination every seeking a good job and well-being should relocate to. However, the country government posted thousands of job vacancy available for whoever is willing to migrate there as they are short of man-power. Here we will focus on the in demand jobs in Canada.

Here we have carefully selected some of those jobs that are highly in demand in the country. Do you have any skill in the area of jobs we have selected below? If no, you may as well acquire one one as those are the hottest jobs at the moment in Canada.

This jobs are not just highly demanded but equally high paying by their standards. So, here are the top 20 in demand jobs in Canada;

1  Welder

Welding is one of the jobs in high demand, largely due to new job growth rather than retirement rates. After all, the welding workforce is a little younger than many others. The median age of welders in 2018 was almost 39 years old.  So the retirement rate in welding isn’t quite as high as in many other career fields.

Due to ongoing advancements in the manufacturing sector, welders who have high-level skills are likely to enjoy better job opportunities than those with only basic abilities. Welders who possess fitting skills, can use a variety of techniques (like FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW), and can read plans and blueprints are expected to be in the highest demand.

Average Salary Per Hour —$26.75

2  Registered Nurse

Canada’s elderly population is growing, and that’s putting strain on our healthcare system. At the present time the healthcare sector in Canada is dramatically understaffed. That’s led to a desperate need for medical professionals, including nurses.

Registered nurses fill the gaps in Canada’s healthcare system, providing general support for patients, assisting doctors and ensuring patients receive a high level of care.

Average Salary Per Hour $38.42

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3  Cashier

Cashiers are the final point of contact before a customer makes a purchase. Cashier is a relatively low-skill job, making it an easy entry point into the job market.

Despite concerns that cashiers would be replaced by automated tech such as kiosks and self-checkouts, we’re not seeing that concern reflected in reality quite yet. Cashiers who are friendly, personable and focused on the customer experience remain in demand in 2019.

Average Salary Per Hour $30.34

4  Business Management Consultant

The number of retirements in this sector is expected to be higher than what we have now in the coming years. That’s great news for someone like you who would like to work as a business management consultant. And there are several ways that you can prepare to do so.

Many people start out by earning a business-related degree and then gain experience by working in a variety of different industries and positions. But management consultants can also benefit from having training in areas like technology or travel, tourism, and hospitality, depending on the areas in which they want to specialize. So you really could have a lot of options.

Median hourly wage—$38.06

5  Account Manager

Account managers are the primary point of contact in business relationships and are needed in a variety of industries ranging from IT to consulting to sales and marketing. Account managers are experts in relationship building.

They keep their existing roster of clients happy, while also seeking out opportunities to sign new prospects. Key skills employers look for in account manages include knowledge of CRM software and a strong sales ability.

Average Salary Per Hour $

6  Vocational Instructor

Instructing at the vocational level is another one of the careers in demand in Canada. According to 2016 data, half of the workforce is over the age of 46, and many instructors retire around 64 years old.

Vocational instructors teach at public and private institutions that provide academic, technical, and vocational programs. You could teach anything from beauty to criminal justice to culinary arts to design.

You’ll find that the education and experience requirements to be a teacher will vary greatly depending on the work setting. An academic-focused institution will likely require you to have a master’s degree, whereas a vocational-focused institution may accept a diploma or bachelor’s degree as long as you have extensive and relevant industry experience.

Average Wage Per Hour —$36.66

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7  Pharmacist

Here is another highly in demand job in Canada. As the aging population requires more pharmaceutical help to stay healthy, and an increasing number of retail stores offer pharmacy services, the demand for qualified pharmacists in Canada will continue to grow.

Pharmacists are drug experts who play a critical role in patient education. They supervise the dispensing of medications and counsel patients on the use of each drug. Their role has expanded in recent years, with some provinces allowing pharmacists to renew prescriptions or even prescribe certain medications. This is a field with enormous potential in Canada over the next few years.

Average Salary Per Hour —$50.32

8  Pilot

Highly skilled job, join the ranks of air pilots in Canada who enjoy some of the highest-paying, in-demand jobs in the country.

There are many opportunities to work as a pilot in Canada. Many pilots work for small, medium, and large commercial airlines flying domestically and internationally. Others choose to work as helicopter pilots. And some work as bush pilots, transporting people and delivering goods to Canada’s most remote locations. So, aside from private and commercial airlines, there are also opportunities available in the adventure travel, mining, logging, firefighting, and medical sectors.

Average Salary Per Hour —$37.50

9  Psychologist

With more attention being paid to issues of mental health and wellness in all sectors of the population, psychologists becomes one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada at the moment.

Psychologist could offer counseling and therapy to people struggling with depression, anxiety, and other chronic neurological conditions. You could also choose from a wide range of specialties, including child psychology, behavioral psychology, or cognitive psychology.

Average Salary Per Hour —$40.56

10  Veterinary Assistant

Here is one of the careers in Demand in Canada as animal health care workforce is a little younger than many others. In 2016, the median age of animal health workers was about 33 years old. There is a lot of employment growth in the field will be due to new job creation in addition to a small number of workers retiring and others leaving for different positions.

Average Salary Per Hour —$18.31

11 Steamfitter

As factories and other industrial facilities update and retrofit their piping systems, start new industrial construction projects, and upgrade their sprinkler systems, steamfitters and pipefitters should continue to enjoy in-demand jobs. Some employers report that it’s difficult to find qualified workers right now. Plus, it’s expected that the ongoing retirements of steamfitters and pipefitters will add to the hiring difficulties already being experienced.

Now may be an ideal time for you to learn the trade so that you can work with sprinkler systems and piping systems that carry all kinds of substances, including chemicals, fuel, steam, and water. Your responsibilities could include laying out, fabricating, assembling, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing a variety of systems.

Average Salary Per Hour — $37

12 Merchandise

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a retail store, you’ve probably experienced the work of a merchandiser first-hand. Merchandisers play a key role in selecting and displaying inventory in retail spaces.

With the growth of online shopping, retailers are counting on merchandisers to build positive retail experiences that keep customers coming to brick-and-mortar stores.

Average Salary Per Hour – $30.32

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13 Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are responsible for designing products and systems that have electricity running through them. From designing electronics, to working in the energy sector, to telecommunications, the skills of an electrical engineer have countless applications in our modern tech-obsessed world.

Most engineering disciplines are experiencing workers shortages, electrical engineers are particularly in demand.

Average Salary Per Hour – $38.21

14 Construction Instructor

New construction projects in Canada are expected to continue at a moderate rate across the country. That means continued opportunities for cost estimators. And considering that half of the construction estimator workforce is over the age of 43 and many estimators retire by the time they are 64 years old many more opportunities are expected to open in 2020.

Average Salary Per Hour —$30.21

15  Sales Associate

Sales associates, or sales representatives rise one spot to become most in demand job in Canada in 2019. Businesses count on talented salespeople to move products off shelves and into customers’ hands. B2B salespeople are also in demand. Innate sales ability and an outgoing personality will help you succeed in this field.

Average Salary Per Hour – $28.45

16 Labourer

General labourers are the jack-of-all-trades in the Canadian labour market. They fill in gaps in the workforce, taking on a variety of tasks that need to be done to keep businesses running smoothly.

From cleaning tasks, to loading and unloading materials, to general handiwork, being a general labourer requires hard work, determination and openness to taking on physically demanding tasks. General labourer dropped a few spots from the number one most in-demand job in 2018.

Average Salary Per Hour $28

17  Aerospace Engineers

If you are searching for high-paying careers in demand, then aerospace engineering could be what you’re looking for. The aerospace engineering labour pool could be short an incredible 3,900 workers during the period from 2017 to 2026.

As Canada’s fleets of aircraft age and tighter environmental and security regulations come into place, it’s expected that the demand for updated aircraft will increase. So now may be a great time for you to join the aerospace engineering industry. As the brains behind aerospace systems, vehicles, and their components, you could have responsibilities related to research, design, development, installation, testing, and maintenance.

Average Salary Per Hour —$45.23

18  Software Developers

Another in demand job in Canada today is software development. As technology keep growing day to day, Canada seems to be one of the front runners in the Industry.

So it should come as no surprise that developers are one of the most in-demand professions. In fact the tech sector is the fastest growing in Canada. Though developers of all stripes are desperately needed, full stack developers who know both front end and back-end programming are the most in demand.

Average Salary Per Hour – $45

19  Depression Optician

As a dispensing optician, you could work in eye care offices, clinics, and retail outlets while assisting clients with their prescription eye wear and contact lenses. Your duties may include selecting, ordering, and fitting those products as well as mounting lenses into frames. Such tasks were often assigned to administrative assistants in the past, but growing recognition of the importance of properly trained dispensing opticians has changed that, which has helped increase the demand.

Average Salary Per Hour —$28.00

20 Physiotherapy

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and their assistants perform important work that helps people manage movement, mobility, and life-skills issues resulting from injuries, diseases, and other physical or mental conditions. You could take on a critical role that helps people live more comfortably, improve or maintain their mobility, or even extend the time in which they are able to live more independently.

It’s a good vocational field to consider because occupational and physiotherapy assisting is regarded as one of the future careers in demand. As the population ages, the need for such services is only expected to increase.

Average Salary Per Hour —$27

That has been our top 20 in demand jobs in Canada at the moment, this was carefully gathered with fact from every opening in each job sector.

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