12 Reasons Why Phone is Hot and Losing Battery Quickly – Solutions

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Excessive heat in Smartphones, rapid battery drainage, or similar experience? Well, here are the twelve most common reasons your phone is hot and losing battery quickly.

Undoubtedly one of the common problems in almost every phone not just smartphones. Some may say it is quite rampant in a particular brand but it is certainly one of the most common problems phone users get to face.

Overheat in devices have a direct effect on battery life and performance as well. If a device battery came with up 30 hours talk time, once it starts overheating then the usage time will definitely not remain the same.

This has overtime been a problem for mobile phone users, however, here are the possible reasons your phone is hot. Not just why it is hot but some precautions to follow in preventing this.

1 Use of Bad Charger

Charger mismatch headlines our list of possible causes of your smartphone being hot. This is definitely one aspect people often overlook.

Using a 100mAh charger to charge a device that came originally with 600mAh charger and Vice Versa exposes the phone to some big risk. As a matter of fact, you will notice some kind of malfunction if working with the device while charging. In most cases, you notice difficulty while touching or poor navigation.

Experts have confirmed this also could be why your phone is hot or overheating as the case may be.

2 Manage Wi-Fi Connections

Wi-Fi connectivity is the king in battery sapping and heating among every other connection. A device can come with a total internet time of 17 hours on 3G band but certainly won’t go up to 12 hours with Wi-Fi connection.

That goes to show just how powerful the wireless radio connection can be. Users of mobile devices are advised to turn off the wireless connection while not using it. This saves your phone from getting overheat and perhaps retain the life of your battery.

3 Improper Charging

One other discovered aspect of getting your phone to overheat and losing battery life is charging with improperly.

This includes cases of poor power voltage, high voltage, and poor power generator. While power banks may have been produced as backups for our smartphones, its overuse may adversely affect your device performance.

The usage of power banks on our smartphones should be prescribed by experienced technicians who know exactly which phone fits which power-bank.

So what happens if you constantly use mismatch power-banks or power sources? It causes overheat, weakens the battery, and gradually kills the device.

4 Excessive Multitasking

You may or may not know this but excessive multitasking heats your phone up. It’s normal to have several apps and games say up to five running at a time but a huge number of apps on the background causes overheat too.

Users may not feel any decrease in processing speed while multitasking especially if the device has a large RAM size. However, there is a chance for overheat if continuously multitasking with such a huge number of apps running simultaneously.

5 Bluetooth, GPS, and Other Connectivity

The advice is, close/off all every other connection when not in use.

For instance, the Bluetooth connection constantly searches for a new device when on. That drains your battery, causes your smartphone to go hot, and weakens your battery apparently.


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6 Overuse

Most of us get easily trapped in this aspect. Well, it is understandable how addictive social media or games can be but it equally plays a big role in causing overheat and weakening your battery.

Try managing the time use of smartphone and give it some time to cool off. Like we know, the usage time will also determine how often the phone is being charged. And overcharging devices is never quite healthy to the device battery or performance in general.

7 Heavy Streaming

Streaming heavy videos with high resolutions has its own way of heating up your device. It requires a lot before the video itself can even play thereby sucking up your battering life.

Some videos stream at a whopping rate of 2mps with resolutions as high as 1920 x 1080 pixels. That requires high and steady network connectivity and should be reconnecting if network requirement drops. That, in turn, causes a bit of heat and saps your battery in the process.

8 Use of Damaged Battery

Many get tempted to use different batteries to power a different brand of phone. Well, it works if the battery matches the requirement of the phone else it damages it.

The first thing you notice once you force an unmatched battery into any device is constant heat within the battery connector area. Over time it destroys the battery and phone apparently.

9 Heavy Gaming

Similar to that of heavy video streaming. Constant game streaming heats up mobile devices. Most games even come with higher image pixels and heavier graphics which means a higher streaming requirement.

In this case, if your network connectivity was set at automatic then it will constantly try to connect to the highest network parameter thereby draining your battery at a faster rate.

10 Poor Ventilation

Relatively unknown but more like the most poisonous. Just like our Laptop and Desktops, our smartphones need proper ventilation to function properly.

It’s never a secret any longer that electronics including our phones generate heat internally and when accumulating much of it becomes a problem too. So, it is important to properly handle your device and allow for proper ventilation as well.

11 Plastic and Leather Cases

These two phone pack types prevent proper ventilation, something we just analyzed here. It looks beautiful and eye-catching but allows for less ventilation. Heat generated internal barely have a way to escape and as a result, causes overheat and destroy the battery and phone with time.

12 High Display Resolution

Display is the number one thing that consumes the battery the more. The higher the pixel, the higher the chances of the battery being drained in no time. For instance, Samsung and iPhone have had by far the best display quality and users often complain of poor battery life. Believe me, makers of both products build a good battery only to be ruined by their amazing display quality.

This may get even worse if the backlight is not properly set. You try to always lower your screen backlight, which generates less heat and manages your battery life as well.

Those are some of the ways your phone is hot and battery gets drained easily. There may be other reasons why your phone is hot but here are the proven few we could gather.

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