Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada Today

Salary Structure
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Canada is one destination job seekers will probably want to visit. Not only jobs are available there but high paying jobs as well. So, here we provide you with the list of top 20 high paying jobs in Canada.

Expectation of everyone is not just to get a job but it should be high paying. There are some juicy jobs out there that offers you just that.

Here are some selected 20 high paying jobs in Canada, however, the ranking varies with time and it may change. But if there is any changes, we will always update our readers on it as well.

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Here is Our List of Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020



Average Salary Per Year


Job Opportunity Yearly

1. Physicians / Doctors $116,000 Degree 3% increase
2. Business Executive $110,000 Degree 26% increase
3. Dentists $104,000 1% increase
4. Human Resources Manager $94,000 Degree 6% increase
5. Financial Manager $96,000 Degree 3% increase
6. Electronic Engineer $90,000 Degree and Masters 8% increase
7. Head Nurse and Medical supervisor $83,000 Degree 34% increase
8. Construction Manager $83,000 Degree
9. Occupational Therapist $82,000 Degree
10. Elevator Mechanic $81,000 High School and Diploma 80% increase
11. Power Line and Cable Workers $80,000 High School and Trade Certificate 33% increase
12. Locomotive Engineer $78,000 Diploma 52% increase
13. Lawyers $76,000 Degree
14. Miners / Oil & Gas Drillers $69,000 Diploma or Degree 22% increase
15. Registered Nurses $66,000 Degrees or Diploma 53$ increase
16. Information Security Analysts $66,000 Diploma or Degree 84% increase
17. Engineers $65,000 Degree 50% increase
18. Logistic Workers / Managers $64,000 Degree and Masters
19. Hydropower Experts $60,000 Diploma 2% increase
20. Financial Analysts $58,000 Diploma or Degree 42% increase

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At the moment, this are the high paying jobs in the country. It changes with time and we are always in hand to update you.

The table also caries the demands in each sector and perhaps experience equally counts as employers will always prefer worker a bit of experience or even more.

The continous increased development in technology and information technology sees reflects with a massive increase in demand for such workers yearly. A massive 84% opportunity every single year is what the ICT sector offers.

Whatever, your skill is, you definitely will get a job in Canada, as a matter of fact, there are thousands of opportunities every single year in the country as they are short of man-power.

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