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Top 20 Jobs With Growing Demand in USA – In Demand Jobs

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Here are the selected top 20 jobs with growing demand in the USA. These are jobs which are highly in demand in this part of the world. Not just of high demand they are but are also high paying jobs in the US.

When choosing a career it is important to choose that which has a bigger potentials. You could be making a lot out of your job now but will it still be in demand in the near future? That is the big question, one need to be guided while choosing a career. However, you can still learn the trending Jobs With Growing Demand in as much as your age supports it.

Here is our list of the top 20 jobs with growing demands in the USA.

1  Web Developer

Top on our list is web developers. This involves creating visually appealing websites which feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. They aim to provide the best layout and function, according to clients’ specifications.

Average Salary Per Year– $67,130

2  Personal care aide

Personal care aides handle light housekeeping tasks like preparing meals, washing dishes, and changing sheets. There are no formal education required, but training as a patient care technician can be helpful. It’s important to be compassionate, dependable, and trustworthy as well.

Average salary Per Year: $26,000

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3  Software developer

The demand for software developers in the US increase rapidly everyday. More young people are into this but the demand is still on a high. Expecting in this profession include creating, testing, and fixing the software that people use, which could be anything from simple mobile games to complex accounting programs.

Average salary Per Year: $110Jobs With Growing Demands000

4  Registered Nurse

Registered nursing consistently ranks among the most in-demand careers every year. Job function is to evaluate patient symptoms, run diagnostic tests, administer medications and treatments, and teach patients how to manage illness.

Average salary Per Year: $75,000

5  Information Security Analyst

The duty of information security analysts is to undertake preventive measures such as copying and transferring data to an off-site location. An information security analyst is involved in planning and carrying out security measures to safeguard the computer networks and systems of an organization.

Average Salary Per Year – $91Jobs With Growing Demands202

6  Data Scientist

The duty of a Data scientists use data and analytical ability to find and interpret data sources, manage large amounts of data, ensure consistency of data sets, and present the data insights.

Average Salary Per Year – $111,267

7  Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A diagnostic medical sonographer is a person who uses ultrasonic imaging devices to view and interpret images, scans, or 3D volumes for the diagnosis of medical conditions.

Average Salary Per Year – $64Jobs With Growing Demands280

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8  Fast food preparation and serving worker

Undoubtedly one job that will always be in demand year in year out. The duty of these workers is to greet customers, take orders, get beverages, heat food items, and process payments. They also answer questions about menu items and keep work areas clean. You’ll need good communication and customer service skills for this job.

Average salary Per Year: $25,111

9  Janitor

If environments must be clean, then janitorial services must always be in demand. Duties include keeping stores, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings in good condition will require the services of a huge number of janitors in the years ahead.

Average salary: $29,000

10  Medical assistant

Here is another high in demand job in the state. These professionals perform a range of clinical and administrative tasks, from cleaning wounds and collecting specimens to updating patient records and processing insurance claims.

Average salary: $35,000

11  Plumber

Eleventh on our list is plumbing job. This has always been in demand over the years and always be. The duty of plumbers is to install and maintain the piping systems that bring water to houses, offices, hospitals, factories, and other buildings. Most of these professionals gain their skills through apprenticeships, although many start out by attending a technical or trade school.

Average salary Per Year: $58,320

12  Truck Driver

Most heavy businesses in the US get transported by truck which in turn increase the demands of pros in this area. Being a trucker is physically demanding work that requires being away from home for long stretches of time, but if you relish life on the road, this is one of the best trade jobs you can get.

Average salary Per Year: $47,450

14  Electrician

Sitting fourteenth on our list is one job with a high demand and big income expectation. Workers in this category are expected to install, repair, and maintain electrical wiring and equipment in businesses, factories, and homes.

Average salary Per Year: $60,00

15  Information Technology Manager

As information technology conquers the world, so the demand for IT mangers increase . They often supervise and coordinate the work of other professionals, such as computer systems analysts and computer user support specialists. As businesses seek out better cybersecurity and the healthcare industry in particular implements more information technology, IT managers will continue to make the list of in-demand careers.

Average salary Per Year: $152,860

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16  Accountant

With a good percentage of demand rate and high increase expectation in the near future, Accountant made it to number sixteenth on our list. Accountants document the financial operations of a business in order to help it run efficiently. Their job is to prepare financial statements, calculate taxes and maintain accurate financial records.

Average salary Per Year: $78,820

17  Management analyst

Management analysts is a highly skilled job in the state. They examine a company’s finances and procedures. As more and more organizations seek to cut costs and operate more efficiently, these analysts will find themselves in greater demand.

Average salary: $95,090

18  Physical Therapist

The duty of a Physical therapists is to help patients who are recovering from injury or illness to regain movement and manage pain. They do this through biomechanics, exercise, electrotherapy, and other techniques.

Average Salary Per Year– $85,000

19  Occupational Therapist

An Occupational therapists helps people raise their ability to do tasks in their living or working environments. They help patients improve motor functions and reasoning abilities through physical exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Median Salary – $82,010

20 Data Scientist/Analyst

Data scientists/Analyst uses data and analytical ability to find and interpret data sources. They manage large amounts of data, ensure consistency of data sets, and present the data insights/findings.

Average Salary Per Year – $111,267

That has been our list of Jobs With Growing Demand in the US. We just decide to pick only 20 but there are many more Jobs With Growing Demand.


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