Flying Taxi: First Flying Taxi Prototype Unveiled By German Company

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The world just engaged another gear in the technological sector. Everything that seemed impossible decades ago is materializing now. The very latest is the electric flying taxi unveiled by German start-up Lilium. Still wondering what it is like?

Well, lets bring you all the details of what this flying taxi promises to bring. Initially, in 2017, this company flew the smaller version of its Novel jet, promising that the maiden edition of a full-scale prototype will be unveiled later.

 flying taxi

Lilium kept to their words when they test the electric-powered jet early May 2019. The remote-controlled flying taxi test event took place in Munich, showing a huge step taken in a bit to its release. With the promise of offering Uber-kind of services, the firm has seen an increase in funding of over £87 in a bit to help invest.

The taxi kind of service is expected to cover major cities like Germany according to the report. Statement from the company co-founder and Chief Executive Daniel Wiegand read; “We are taking a huge step towards making urban air mobility a reality. The mini aircraft itself is very beautiful and we are so thrilled to see it take to skies for the first time “.

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Flying Taxi Expected Size and Cost Taxi as said.

This amazing flying taxi is built to accommodate four passengers and the pilot, making it a total number of five. The 21st-century flying taxi boarding cost is not as high as what many anticipated when the smaller prototype was launched in 2015. Passengers are expected to pay about $70 each for cross-city movements, for example from Weimar to Leipzig. The price is definitely head-turning against some expectation given the quality of service expected to be rendered. The Lilium manufactured aircraft is expected to come with a much simpler design beyond the 36 jet engines required for initial vertical take-off and landing.

There are plans to make this engine more safe and affordable than initially thought. Once this jet takes off, the power required in cruise is a bit more than what electric car uses according to the makers.

Expected to gather more power through its fixed wins, this jet is designed with longer wings leaving no room for competition from drones which tends to consume more energy. Next up is certification to allow this craft to fly on commercial bases. Before then the manufacturers will have to go through rigorous testing sessions. Moving the jet seamlessly from vertical to horizontal position is the next landmark expected to reach.

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Release Date

2025. Barely five years from now before we get to witness this mighty project. Maybe this is to help the manufacturers perfect every other single detail. It may just come with more features than what we have seen in the prototype or could remain the same. Whatever though, we expect a down to earth machine at the end of it all. So, if promises were to be kept, one should be sure of seeing or perhaps boarding a flying taxi before the end of 2025.

Other Things To Expect

According to Lilium, Chief commercial officer Remo Gerber. He said the aircraft is expected to have about 20% the noise of helicopter. This makes it possible for usage in cities with many populations without much noise pollution.

The ambition for an app-based on-demand service means quick and easy accessibility by intending users.

Expect a world-class machine in the new flying taxi when it released in 2025 but till then lets keep hoping it materializes.


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