List of Minimum Wage in African Countries, All countries A-Z

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Here is the list of minimum wage in African countries. This post covers every detail about all the Minimum Wage in African Countries. We have alphabetically arranged all the countries and their minimum wages and equally compared to one of the world most popular currency (US Dollar).

Minimum wage is simply referred to the minimum amount paid to an employee by the employer. While most countries in Africa have the same unified minimum wage for every worker in their country. The minimum wage in a few other countries in Africa varies with different sectors.


Here is the List of Minimum Wage in African Countries:


S/N Country Currency Minimum Wage Per Month Compare to Dollar Minimum Wage Rank In Africa
1 Algeria Dinar ‎دج دج 18,000 $150 9th
2 Angola Angular Kz Kz15,003 $45.63 32nd
3 Benin Republic CFA Franc 40,000 $68 19th
4 Botswana Pula P P 620 $56.96 26th
5 Burkina Faso CFA Franc 34,664 $58.93 25th
6 Burundi Burundian Franc BIF No Minimum Wage
7 Cape Verde escudo 13,000 $130.75 10th
8 Cameroon CFA Franc 36,000 $61 22nd
9 Central African Republic CFA Franc 35,000 $59.43 23rd
10 Chad CFA Franc 59,000 $100.19 13th
11 Comoros Comorian Franc 55,000 $124.28 11th
12 Congo DR Congolese Franc 50,400 $30.44 38th
13 Congo Brazzaville CFA Franc 90,000 $152.83 8th
14 Cote d’Ivoire CFA Franc 36,607 $62.16 21st
15 Djibouti DJF 35,000 $196.7 7th
16 Egypt Egyptian Pound E£ 1,200 $71.51 18th
17 Equatorial Guinea CFA Franc 129,035 $219.11 5th
18 Eritrea Eritrean nakfa 360 $24.3 42nd
19 Eswatini Swazi emalangeni 531.6 $36.34 34th
20 Ethiopia Ethiopian Birr 420 $14.44 44th
21 Gabon CFA Franc 150,000 $254.71 4th
22 Gambia Dalasi 1,500 $30.15 39th
23 Ghana Cedis 290 $283.29 3rd
24 Guinea GNF 440000 $47.7 31st
25 Guinea-Bissau CFA Franc 19,000 $32.26 37th
26 Kenya Keyan Shillings 6,415.55 $63.32 20th
27 Lesotho Maloti 1,178 to 1,285 $80.52 to $87.83 17th
28 Liberia Liberian Dollars 5,600 $29.48 40th
29 Libya Libyan dinars 450 $322.58 1st
30 Madagascar Malagasy ariary 133,013.40 $36.44 33rd
31 Malawi Kwacha MK 20,631 $28.69 41st
32 Mali CFA Franc 28,465 $48.34 29th
33 Mauritania Ouguiya 3,000 $81.74 16th
34 Mauritius Mauritian Rupees 3,176 $86.54 14th
35 Morocco Dirham DH 3,000 $308.53 2nd
36 Mozambique Metical 3,002 $48.19 30th
37 Namibia Namibian Dollar $ No minimum wage for now
38 Niger CFA Franc 30,047 $50.94 28th
39 Nigeria Naira ₦ 30,000 $83.33 15th
40 Rwanda Rwandan Franc Varies with Sector
41 Sao Tome and Principe Dobras 750,000 $35.01 35th
42 Senegal CFA Franc Paid per hour depending on Sector
43 Seychelles Paid per hour depending on Sector
44 Sierra Leone Leonean Leones 500,000 $56.31 27th
45 Somalia Somali Shilling Nil
46 South Africa Rand 2,474 to 3,001 $168.56 to $204.47 6th
47 South Sudan SS Pounds £ nil
48 Sudan Sudanese Pounds nil
49 Tanzania Tanzanian Shilling 40,000 $17 43rd
50 Togo CFA Franc 35,000 $59.43 23rd
51 Tunisia Tunisian Dinar 290 to 340 $96.73 to $113.41 12th
52 Uganda Ugandan Shilling 130,000 $34.59 36th
53 Zambia Kwacha Varies with Sector
54 Zimbabwe Zimbabwean Dollar Nil

Like you have seen there, several countries like Burundi, Rwanda, Senegal, Namibia, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe have no minimum as at the time of composing this post. Some of the country workers get paid depending on the sector they are working for. It could be good in some aspect and bad as well as the case may be. The good aspect certainly will be big firms who pay high amount and employees will certainly have it good.

The opposite may be the case in other low-income firms. Whatever it is, I feel a country should set a minimum wage for employees in her country. This will surely control under-employment which is what several employees are facing in numerous countries around the world.

Editors Pick: Highest minimum wage in Africa

Highest Minimum Wage In Africa

The Libyans are certainly having it the best in entire Africa, closely followed by South Africa. The North African country is currently taking home the sum of 450 Libyan dollars which is equivalent to $322.58 at the moment.

While some countries like Libya and South Africa are high up there enjoying a huge minimum wage at the moment. Several others like Tanzania, Ethiopia and Eritrea are the once with the least minimum wage currently.

Lowest Minimum Wage In Africa

Now, let us analyze what low minimum wage earning countries will likely be facing. We take Ethiopia first. This East African country minimum wage stands at 420 Ethiopian birr which is equivalent to $14.14. This surely looks pretty much poor looking at the economy of the world and money value. It could be due to a bad economy or poor currency value that result in such a crappy minimum wage.

Nigeria has been the latest to increase its minimum wage after it was signed to law. The West African giants were initially taking home ₦18,000 ($49.88) but have seen a further top up to ₦30,000 ($83.13). However as at the time of writing this post most sector are still arguing about the new minimum wage. Some stating that they will not go in line with the new minimum wage structure. But that has been passed into law and surely will be implemented as soon as possible.

Possible Determinant of Minimum Wage

Poor currency can be a big determinant in the minimum wage. A pretty example is that of Sao Tome and Principe. Employees in Sao Tome take home a minimum of Db750,000 every month. This sound juice but convert to dollar you are only left with just $35.01. You have seen how currency value can make things even worst in some of the African countries.

Hope we have covered just exactly the information you wanted to have concerning list of Minimum Wage in African Countries. However, minimum wage changes with time and we will surely keep you updated on any changes as time goes.

If you have any view, contribution or question on this topic or any of the topics on this site, feel free to drop your comment in the comment area or simply fill the contact form.


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Highest minimum wage in Africa

Lowest Minimum Wage in Africa

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