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20 Best Restaurants in Dallas – Downtown & Uptown Restaurants

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Here is our compilation of the Best Restaurants in Dallas. If you are looking for the best restaurants in downtown Dallas or uptown restaurants that is fun, then let’s get you going.

Dallas though a country made up mostly of barbeque and Tex-Mex has more to it food-wise than you can ever imagine. This is as a result of the chefs here being eager to experiment which has proven worthwhile as most of their elite establishments have risen up the food chain. It has indeed become a place young amazing chefs come to in order to make a name. Therefore, whatsoever be ur cravings….. Dallas is the place for you!

Below is the list of 20 Best Restaurants in Dallas;

1. Bullion

This is a highly sought restaurant owned by Chef Bruno Davaillon. You can’t help but be awestruck right from the instance you enter due to their furnishings down to their meals. Their menu here is not plain at all and almost always have a pleasurable twist to your normal meal. One thing though is that reservations here are sparse so endeavor to book on time.

2. Knife Dallas

This is one steakhouse that just blows your mind right from their service to their mouth-watering steaks. Though its normally buzzing with people, it gives off that homey and intimate feeling. Their beef short rib is a must take cause once you do, it wipes our the taste of others. This setting is good for celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays and even dates. Knife is seen as one of the best romantic restaurants Dallas.

3. Lucia

This is a chef-owned Italian restaurant known for its habit of changing menus frequently. You just have to keep going cause its just one piece of heaven replacing another piece of heaven on the menu. Their kinds of pasta are to die for and what more?? Its hand made! I implore you book on time cause there are only 14 tables here so when I say reservations here are as gold dust, you know what I mean.

4. Homewood

This restaurant is a whole lot more than your average neighborhood restaurant. Like literally anything you crave can be seen here. Their dishes here all made by the restaurants makes you wish you are more than one. Don’t get me started on their desserts especially their fresh lemon pound cake that literally melts in your mouth. Here, it’s pretty hard to go wrong no matter what you order.

5. RISE no1

This is such a fun little restaurant full of charm and soufflés! It’s full of charm and so sweet in general. Make sure to get a taste of their famous marshmallow soup as it is one in a billion! Just one trip and you’ll find out that rise isn’t your occasion place… it’’s your daily place. This is one of the best American restaurants in Dallas.

6. AL Biernat’s

Driving up the tricky yet wonderful entrance, you’d already feel the familiar vibe as though you are arriving at a loved one’s place. Each customer is treated like gold as the restaurant’s director of operations, probably acknowledges you personally when you approach the check-in desk. The Coconut Cream Pie (Al B favorite – TRY it and you will know why), Key Lime Pie, a Chocolate dessert, and a slice of the Peanut Butter/Chocolate/Banana pie are just a must-have. All desserts here are amongst the best. Save room or start with dessert!

7. Petra and The Beast

It is an understated top-notch restaurant located at the southwest corner of an otherwise very quiet East Dallas intersection is the setting. Chef Mosti Norris, the restaurant owner works amazingly with his team to give you eclectic, innovative, and popping bites! If you are looking forward to a great food experience in Dallas, then Petra and the Beast is the place for you. In all your eating, don’t miss the signature “meatums” charcuterie board (you’ll know why when you try it out).

8. Fearing’s

Her founder Dean Fearings, an American celebrity chef starred on TV in the 1980s. He is well known for his BOLD FLAVOUR – NO BORDERS approach and it is well evident in his restaurant. The flavors keep drawing you in and in.  Sometimes, the chef himself often bursts from the kitchen, electric guitar in hand, to serenade his unsuspecting diners. If you do not understand, try out his Dean’s Tortilla soup and you will know that you can’t just stop there!

9. Pecan Lodge

Whichever way you slice it, barbecue is king in Texas. You cannot be disappointed with beef ribs there. The atmosphere is homey as well as the dishes. If you stick around for weekend dinner, you’d get the chance to partake in live music on the patio! Fun restaurants in Dallas couldn’t get any better.

10. Royal China

If you need a Chinese restaurant of no comparison, Royal China is ‘it’ for you. The choice is whether its the cold bowls of dan dan noodles or the meaty, super-savory lu rou mian. Don’t forget the dumplings!

11. KHAO Noodle Soup

This is a chef-driven and Southeast-Asian inspired noodle shop. This little restaurant is well sought after for Chef Donny Sirisavath’s painstakingly created, perfectly shareable Laotian dishes. Its setting is cozy and intimate. It is mostly used for lunch or solo dining.

12. Uchi Dallas

If you are looking for an incredible sushi experience to treat a guest, UCHI Dallas is your place. This is the best Japanese restaurant you can think of as Tyson Cole, the chef arranges his menu that you can’t help but want to try all. The cost is worth it! Obviously one of the best restaurants in uptown Dallas at the moment.

13. Town Hearth

Chef Nick Badovinus brings extravagance to laid-back dining at this Design District steakhouse decked out with 64 glowing chandeliers that get you hooked up before eating. The menu is built for indulgence, with a raw bar featuring a seafood cocktail and oysters a long list of classic cocktails. This is one of the best steakhouses you can ever be to.

14. MIA’S Tex-Mex

This is a top-notch Mexican restaurant. The decor itself transports you to Mexico! Ranging from their service, chips, salsa, food, they are just incomparable. Be sure to try out their Brisket tacos and thank me later.

15. Jimmy Food Store

Though a grocery store, from the steady flow of people, you can tell there is something special about it. It wraps you up in that Italian warmth as it is an Italian restaurant. Their dishes are simply addictive especially their sandwiches. You can’t stop at one!

16. Tei – An

Tei – An remains one of the best restaurants in downtown Dallas at the moment. The name alone gives off the vibe that it is a Japanese restaurant. The decor and ambiance are exquisite and have the most amazing lunch options for less than $20 that includes hand made soba or ramen. Tired of your boring everyday steak? Chef Teiichi Sakurai delivers an omakase menu that is always stunningly fresh, making it a standout statewide.

17. Cattleack Barbeque

Due to the fact that its only open Thursday and Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m, the crowd there is unimaginable but believe me, it is worth the wait! If you want a great barbeque, with an amazing atmosphere and wonderful people, drop by and you won’t regret it.

18. Macellaio

Their affordable prices merged with quality dishes makes them one of the best places to dine. If you have been at Lucia, then you should know what to expect at Macellaio. It has a cozy Italian interior and an appreciable menu influenced by the cuisines of Spain and Italy. They are well known for their charcuterie and cured meats.

19. E-Bar Tex-Mex

You can find the best soft tacos, fajita nachos, quesos, etc here. You need a place to chill after a stressful day? E-bar tex-mex is the place for you. It is a very busy and almost always filled because they are one of a kind but you never feel unattended to as their service is awesome.

20. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

If you are confused and totally new to the city and you need a place you won’t go wrong with the dish, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is just right for you. You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. Their services too are worth any dime spend. Don’t forget to try out the cheesecake for dessert, you’d be surprised at how much lovelier cheesecake can be.

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