Why Students Fail in Examination – Revealed

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The way students fail examination lately has become an object of concern, hence we want to unravel the reasons behind such failures and proffer useful solution tips for the benefit of those who are affected by this occurrence.

Failure in the examination does not only affect students in higher institutions but also jambs students, as well as students of secondary school, therefore these factors apply to all.

There are numerous reasons why students fail the examination. They are

Inadequate preparation for the exams: Some students fail because they prepared partially for the exams. This is not due to the availability of materials

Dying minute’s preparation for the exams: Some students with high intelligent quotient can practice this and it works for them.

Cramming and Loss of memory: When students choose to cramp whatever has been given to them to read, and does this few days to exams.  The human does not work completely like that. When the brain is over congested, it might choose to shut down at some point and this will result in loss of memory. This often happens in the examination hall. Teachers/ lectures also have a hand in student cramming what is given to them because the teacher said give me what I gave you else you will fall below my standard on English expressions.

Laziness: Lazy students who do not read when they are supposed to, they allow too much jesting to overwhelm their study and gradually creep into their habitual life, are likely to fail the examination.

Overconfidence/ shattered expectation: I too know. This happens when students feel they already know the teacher and the type of questions he or she is capable of giving during the exam. When a reverse becomes the case, they fail because of shattered expectations.

Cheating during an examination: Sometimes students fail their examination as a reward for cheating during the examination process. Teachers; teachers can contribute to students’ failure in an examination when they lack the right teaching skill that can help convey their message to the students clearly.

Some teachers, especially in higher institutions also fail the students because they fail to yield to their inordinate advance

Absence of complete and recommended study materials: Some student’s fail because they did not have all the recommended texts to read and prepare ahead of the examination

Lateness to the exams: Students who report extremely late for the exams fail because they may not have all the time they need to answer all the questions.

Emotional Trauma: Students who are emotionally traumatized can fail examination because of their inability to have a mental focus during the examination.

Sickness or health problems: Students with serious health challenges during the exams period may not be able to pass the exams.

Depending on a fellow student’s for Aid: Some students fail because they expected to copy from colleagues, when this cannot happen they fail woefully.

Impersonation: Some fail because they hired someone to write for them. When this happens, two things are involved. It is either the person hired was incompetent or got caught during the process.

Breach of exams instruction: This is not very common but prevalent. The instruction says answer four questions out of five and the students answer two questions with the hope that that is was the instruction given.

Poor class attendance: Some students fail because they do not attend classes as recommended.

Claiming to have Unnecessary Clarity during lectures: Some students fail because they do not ask questions for clarity during the lectures. Do you understand?’ the teacher asks, they all chorus yes sir, when in essence some do not understand and want to claim they do or they are shy of speaking up.

Remedy to students failures in examination

Having seen some of the notable reasons why students fail an examination, the following have been recommended to curb student’s failures;

The first thing a student should know about him or herself is their memory capacity; study your brain to know the limit that it can carry and be able to recall perfectly and stick to that limit.

  • Laziness and all forms of vices should be avoided by students. They should also try to get their study materials on time and read without measures.
  • Students should endeavor to read exams instruction and adhere strictly to it.
  • Students should avoid lateness to the exams as they may not be accorded extra time to write the exam.
  • Students with severe health challenges during the exams should either ask for permission to be absent during the exams and their exams rescheduled to
  • A student with early signs of a future health challenge should get treated before the commencement of exams.
  • Students should endeavor to attend classes and participate actively in the learning process by asking questions and contributing as this will make them understand better.
  • Authorities should check teachers or lecturers who specialize in the failure of students especially female students who refuse to give in to their illicit advances.

If these points and more are exercised, there will be a reduction in the level at which students fail examination at all levels.

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