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How Much do Programmers Earn in USA? – Programmers Salary

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There is no doubt that programmers are among the highest salary earners in USA. As a matter of fact, the question should even be if they are the highest salary earners in the USA. Here we have decided to put together how much programmers earn in the USA.

Fast becoming very popular in the world at large, programming was never this popular years back most especially in some third world countries. However, the continuous revolution has had programming taking over every nukes and cranny today.

While software programmers in the world especially place like India, Australia and Germany are having a great salary scale, programmers in the US still ranks top on the software earning chart globally.

There are different levels in programming and in this case, the salaries vary as well. However, we will analyze the salaries according to the different levels in the programming environment. The different levels in programming include top-level programmers, senior-level programmers, mid-level programmers, junior-level programmers and Starting level programmers. The different levels as listed comes with different salary range as one should expect. However, pay may as well vary between firms but the difference wouldn’t be that much and should fall within the range we will drop as we proceed.

So, How Much do Programmers Earn in USA?

Well, from all we have gathered, below are the different salary range of programmers in the USA starting from highest earnings to bottom earning.

Top Level Programmers Average Salary

Per Year – $68,466

Per Month – $5705.5

Per Week – $1426.375

Per Hour – $32.92

Senior Level Programmers Average Salary

Per Year – $60021

Per Month – $5001.75

Per Week – $1250.44

Per Hour – $28.86

Mid-Level Programmer Average Salary

Per Year – $54072

Per Month – $4506

Per Week – $1126.5

Per Hour – $26

Junior Level Programmer Average Salary

Per Year – $50875

Per Month – $4239.59

Per Week – $1059.89

Per Day – $24.46

Starting Level Average Salary

Per Year – $49528

Per Month – $4127.33

Per Week – $1031

Per Hour – $23.81

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Those are the breakdown of the different salary range for programmers in the USA. From the analysis above we have clearly seen that there is no much difference between each level. That shows just how programmers are treasured.

However, the above is the total salary structure of every programmer in the US but equally varies within different states. That is to say, a programmer in California doesn’t necessarily earn the same with a programmer in New York. That not-withstanding, the difference is slim as well.

What is The Highest Programmers Salary in The US?

While the exact figures cannot be told by but it is being figured out that $131520 annually is the highest amount received by any programmer in the US at the moment.

What is The Lowest Programmers Salary in The US?

The lowest salary of any programmer currently in the US stands at $42190 annually. This is not fixed as it changes daily but at the moment, this is the lowest amount paid to any programmer in the United States of America.

Which State Pays Programmers the Highest in the US?

Many may also want to find out which of the states in the US pays its programmers the highest amount of salary. Well, the answer is Washington DC. Programmers in Washington DC get up to a whopping $131520 and every other programmer in the city get salaries very close to the stipulated amount as well.

States in US and Programmers Salaries

Here is our list of states in the US and their programmer’s salaries. We have drawn this alphabetically to help readers spot which state they want easily.

Alabama – $82410

Alaska – $74530

Arizona – $84450

Arkansas – $67820

California – $95370

Colorado – $92680

Connecticut – $91980

Delaware – $77260

Florida – $72860

Georgia – $87770

Hawaii – $66540

Idaho – $69260

Illinois – $87770

Indiana – $73870

Iowa – $78630

Kansas – $73350

Kentucky – $71410

Louisiana – $66550

Maine – $82230

Maryland – $88860

Massachusetts – $92200

Michigan – $75080

Minnesota – $81200

Mississippi – $71870

Missouri – $76140

Montana – $68690

Nebraska – $74920

Nevada – $81700

New Hampshire – $73850

New Jersey – $76320

New Mexico – $71040

New York – 85450

North Carolina – $91340

North Dakota – $71030

Ohio – $72780

Oklahoma – $79620

Oregon – $81260

Pennsylvania – $84880

Puerto Rico – $42190

Rhode Island – $54740

South Carolina – $75680

South Dakota – $55950

Tennessee – $77490

Texas – $84450

Utah – $79750

Vermont – $73680

Virginia – $92550

Washington DC – $131520

West Virginia – $66220

Wisconsin – $75480

Wyoming – $64740

That has been our list of cities in the US and their software programmers salaries and How Much do Programmers Earn in USA. We check often to update as soon as it changes, however, that is exactly how much programmers are expected to gather home in different cities of the US.

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