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How much do Coding Job Pay – Coding Job Salary

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How much do Coding Job Pay? Coding Job Salary. This has been the question on so many intending coders’ mind. Well, it is nice to find out the potentials of a particular job you intend venturing into. So, here is the analysis of potentials and what intending coders can make.

If you think of high paying job then coding is just one of them. Coders make hundreds of thousands if not millions yearly from coding. Moreover, you don’t even need to employed before making money as a coder, once you build a problem-solving app then you get paid forever. A typical example is Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and founder of Facebook.

However, How much do Coding Job Pay depends on different factors. First is the technology stack and the other is Location. Level of Experience is equally another factor to consider as different coding level attract different pay size. Here for the sake of an example, let’s assume that we are looking at a Java or C++ developer in the Bay Area out of a Masters CSE/CS course. This person pay will range from $100k to $120k depending on the company.

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An early-stage startup will pay you lesser than a big firm like Apple, Google etc. But offer equity or stock options which (if the startup has a brilliant idea) might be worth millions in a few years. So, then we shift focus from not only salary but also to other things like equity/stocks and people do make decisions on that as well.

Coders in different range get different pay which is well understood. The different stages of coding include beginner, junior-level coder, mid-level coder, senior-level coder and top-level coder.

There are advantages of being in different level above and disadvantages as well. The reality is if you are a junior coder, there is every possibility of you being employed quicker as compared to a specialist. So, even with the high salary for a specialist, the chances are you may find it a bit difficult getting a job as compared to beginners (depending on the location though).

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Coding Job Salary

Coding job salary solely depends on the location as the number one factor. For instance, how much IBM pays in China is not what they pay their coders in Namibia. Same applies to every other firm with at least some slight changes in the salary structure.

Meanwhile here is the coding salary range in the after finding the average from different countries coding salary.

Average coding salary – $48k

Lowest coding salary – $32k

Highest coding $68k

That is a breakdown from the collection of different coding salaries from different countries combined together.

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Companies that Employ Coders the Most – Top 10














Hon Hai Precision


Dell Technologies



Alphabet Inc.


That has been our view on coding job salary, feel free to air your opinion in the comment box below. If you are a coder then you can as well share your salary to help us better this information for others.

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