Top 20 Highest Paid Bachelor Degree jobs – Highest Paying Degrees

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Highest Paying Degrees? This article brings you information on the Highest Paid Bachelor Degree jobs. When making career choices, the financial benefit of such a career should be properly analyzed to suit life after the career. Although the choice of an institution may attach some credence to one’s life in the future. However, one’s major can have a bigger impact on future earnings than the choice of school.

Securing a good financial future demands calculation and careful evaluation of one’s intending life and things like risk assessment of career type, finances, the flexibility of such career, as well as the intellectual capacity of the career pursuant should be considered before making career choices.

Interested in earning a good income at the completion of your college program and securing a credible financial future for yourself   Then study any of the courses listed below;

Top 20 Highest Paid Bachelor Degree jobs – Highest Paying Degrees



Bachelor Degree Title

Early Career pay Middle Career pay
1 Petroleum Engineering $94,500 $176,900
2 Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) $88,000 $ 142, 200
3 Applied Economics and Management $58,900 $140,000
4 Operations Research $77,900 $137,100
5 Political Economy $57,600 $136,200
6 Actuarial Mathematics $63,300 $135,100
7 Electrical Power Engineering $72,400 $134,700
8 Business Analysis $57,200 $133,200
9 Pharmacy $79,600 $132,500
10 Aeronautics & Astronautics $73,100 $131,600
11 Econometrics $60,100 $131,000
12 Public Accounting $56,400 $130,800
13 Systems Engineering $72,300 $130,400
14 Quantitative Business Analysis $67,100 $130,000
15 Aerospace Studies $52,600 $129,600
16 Chemical Engineering/Materials Science & Engineering $76,100 $127,900
17 Economics and Mathematics $64,300 $127,700
18 Actuarial Science $63,700 $127,300
19 Chemical Engineering $72,800 $127,200
20 Human Computer Interaction $74,300 $126,200


Some careers begin well and get better, while some begin with a minimal income but with subsequent tremendous increment. Most importantly, the above-listed careers do not expose its specialists to life-threatening issues.  Though they may occur, not in a greater percentage of those listed above.

Major potential earnings are obtained from any of the following core areas namely; science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and these form the basis for ascertaining the three college majors with highest earnings which are petroleum engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science, as well as applied economics and management.

Evaluation Of Top Three Career Earning Courses

The top three highest-paying and Best College Majors are;

Petroleum Engineer – Mid Career Salary: $176,900

Petroleum Engineer with a startup salary of $94,500 and a subsequent Salary of $176, 90 focuses on the administration of the production methods in the oil sector.  Petroleum Engineers specialize in extracting oil and natural gas from the earth. They also possess knowledge on the refining processes for natural oil and gas Prospective employers of petroleum engineers to include Chevron Corporation, British Petroleum, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, and more.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Mid-Career Salary: $142,200

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a startup salary of $88,000 and a subsequent Salary of $142,200 specializes in the designing and building of software and hardware, computer applications and devices. They also specialize in building and production of technological gadgets which makes life easier for others.

Applied Economics and Management – Mid-Career Salary: $140,000

Applied Economics and Management with a startup salary of $58,900 and subsequent salary of $140, 00 trains pursuant on the application of economic principles in daily affairs of the market world and the economy.

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