Programmers Salary in India

Programmers Salary in India

Salary Structure
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Here is an in-depth analysis of Programmers Salary in India. Just to give several internet users the right answer to one of the most asked question, we had to come up with a detailed analysis of Programmers Salary in India.

Programmers across the world are known to be one of the biggest earners across the world with a massive salary range regardless of their level. Though programmers in different countries get higher pay as compared to those in some other parts, when compared to the salary range or minimum wage of that country, programmers will definitely rank high. However, programmers with creativity don’t have to even wait to be employed as they can make huge sum for themselves if able to program a problem-solving app.

In India, programmers salary ranks amongst the bests paid in the country with an average Rs.491813 per year. Their salaries vary with different cities which we will detail with the biggest cities in the country.

The lowest programmers salary in India is Rs.197000 with a huge percentage of beneficiaries in India being placed in this range. However, the highest amount a programmer takes home in India stands at Rs.1,104,000 as at this time. It changes as time goes on and we will ensure to update as soon as there any change in the salary structure.

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Here is Programmers Salary in India

Lowest Programmers Salary in India

The least amount a computer programmer gets in India as at this time is Rs.197000 per year from our research. Most of the respondent from out questionnaire sent out responded with a certain salary range prompting us to conclude the amount above.

Average Programmers Salary in India

The average salary of a software programmer in India is Rs.491813 per year as at this time. The recipients in this range are close to that of lowest earners. Programmers at this lever are usually senior programmers with good experience.

Highest Programmers Salary in India

The highest salary a Programmers in India takes home monthly is Rs.1,104,000 as at this time. Recipient of this amount are usually executives, team lead and expert. However, from our scale, their number is not as much as compared to the previous level above.

Comparing Programmers Salary in India with Different Cities

Like we earlier said, the salary varies with different cities and firms as well. So, here is a look at different average programmer salary in different cities of India.

Kolkata – 481813k

Chennai – 487813k

Delhi – 511813k

Bengaluru – 491813k

Mumbai – 491813k

Hyderabad – 470811k

Jaipur – 491813k

Ahmedabad – 491222k

Gurgaon – 531712k

That is the average salary of programmers in different popular cities in country. However, different firms pay differently and we will take a look at different salaries of programmers with different firms in India.

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IT Companies in India Salary Range

TSC – 440k to 532 per year

Accenture – 11k to 18k per month

Infosys – 396k to 432k per year

IBM – 554k to 765k per year

YES – 11K to 37k per month

Cognizant Technology Solutions – 19k to 20k per year

Wipro – 534k to 576k per year

Tech Mahindra – 31k to 33k per month

LTI – 360K to 390k per year

CSC – 18K to 21K per month

J.P Morgan – 576k to 619k per year

Hewlett-Packard – 14k to 16k per month

WNS – 19k to 21k per month

Goldman Sachs – 5ok to 55k per month

That has been some of the digest ICT firms in India with their salary range. There are definitely others who pay even higher than what we have here but we had to pick from the most popular IT firms in the country.


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