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Do Programmers Get Paid Well? Programmers salary Globally

Salary Structure
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Do Programmers Get Paid Well?. Internet users have been asking several questions as per how programmers make their money or if they get paid well when employed. So we intend to look in really if programmers get paid well. Our analysis will be based on the global salary structure of programmer.

Programmers don’t even need to be employed permanently to start making a huge amount of money. If you are a programmer, then you should think of something creative that will get you paid forever. Moreover, as a programmer you can work for multiple firms at the same time thereby increasing your returns as well.

Though some programmers may be paid some huge amount of cash, it may not really measure up to what it is in most part of the world. So, to really determine what programmers salary is across the world, we will be measuring it with one unified currency ($).

So, if you are asking do programmers get paid well? Here is the list of software programmers salary in some of the popular countries across the world today.

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Do Programmers Get Paid Well? Here is Software Programmers Salary by Country

Country                                                Highest Amount               Compare to US Dollar

United States of America             $131520 per yr                   $131520

Canada                                                 C$89505                               $67468.87

Germany                                             €62912.67                            $69823

Australia                                              AU$100123                         $67835

United Kingdom                               £62500                                  $75687

India                                                      Rs 1104000                          $15460.56

China                                                     ¥669194.98                          $94932

Japan                                                    ¥14000000                           $131250

Nigeria                                                  ₦4,200000                           $11545.76

Brazil                                                     R$105192                             $26277.63

Denmark                                             DKK730000                          $108653.56

Kenya                                                   KSh8492577.77                  $82240

South Africa                                       R1080000                             $70284.78

Iceland                                                 ISK9828060                         $79232.99

Switzerland                                        SFr. 151937.25                   $155000

France                                                  €111000                                $123228.32

Spain                                                     €69000                                  $76613.46

Saudi Arabia                                       SR172000                             $45871.54

Israel                                                     ₪235992                              $66587.50

Egypt                                                     EGP423000                          $25501.90

Croatia                                                  Kn239616.01                       $36000

South Korea                                       ₩46800000                         $38681.60

Morocco                                              MAD306072                        $31871

Mexico                                                 M$664000                           $33706.30

Cuba                                                      $MN1175244                      $1175937.39

Netherlands                                       €72768                                  $80768.84

Cyprus                                                  CYP                                        $180000

Russia                                                   RUB2200000                       $32956.00

Czech Republic                                  Kc32287287.17                   $1390000

Argentina                                            $560000                                $10211.32

Uganda                                                UGX118168389.96            $32000

Macedonia                                         дeH5193895.08                 $93755

Philippines                                          ₱670000                               $12784.61

Bahrain                                                 BD68000                               $180407.40

United Arab Emirates                     د.إ165000                     $44918

Iraq                                                        ع.د139304856              $116823.84

Trinidad and Tobago                       TT$745636.33                     $110000

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That has been our list of programmers payment in some of the biggest countries across the world. So, for you who have been asking, Do Programmers Get Paid Well? You just need to go through the write up above over again below concluding.


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