Australia Visa Application form and Requirement Online 2020

Australia and Oceania Countries Visa
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Are you looking for Australian visa application form? Or want to know Australia visa requirement? Here we have made a nice and comprehensive piece on everything you need to know on this topic, ranging from Australia visa eligibility, Australian visa application form as well as Australia visa requirements.

Australia is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist countries in the world at the moment. Most people visiting the country for work purposes given their high minimum wage, others also go there for holidays, be it individually or with family. However, this will serve as a guide for you on how to go about processing your Australia visa online.


Australia Visa Eligibility 

Before processing the Australia visa online application, the first thing is for you to check Australia visa eligibility of your country at the embassy of Australia visa. If your country is eligible to travel to Australia, then you can proceed.

Australia Visa Requirement

Passport – Valid passport. (valid for at least 6 months after return date), and a certified copy of the passport.

The Australian High Commission is now issuing Label-Free visas for all applicants wishing to travel to Australia. From now on applications no longer need to be accompanied by a physical passport only a clear copy.

Once the application has been finalized the visa authorization will be mailed to you.
Please ensure that your e-mail address is legible on the application form to avoid delays.
We further recommend that you include your business card in the application to ensure no errors are made with the e-mail address.

Please note that should you not provide an e-mail address, or if the e-mail address does not belong to you, then the High Commission will return the grant/refusal letter via ourselves.

The Australian High Commission reserves the right to request further documentation and/or the physical passport at any time.


Application Form

Here is the application form and documents required for Australian tourist visa

Form 1419 & 956 and the Relevant Tourist Check List. Failure to complete the application form and Check list in full may result in the visa being delayed or refused.

All non-SA Passport holders must have a work permit or permanent residency stamp in their passports

If an applicant has traveled to Australia in the last 10 years, no additional documentation is required, with the exception of a passport photo, and their Passport.

 If the applicant has not traveled to Australia before then the following additional documentation is required (see requirements below).

Passport Photographs – One colour photograph – On a white background only, Expression must be neutral, No teeth showing, no smiling, head must fill most of the photo, and must look straight into the camera and be clear with sharp focus.

Accommodation – An invitation letter from the person the applicant will be staying with OR/

Proof of accommodation (hotel, resort etc) reservations.

Itinerary – Itinerary from a travel agent with proposed travel & departure dates.

Please do not purchase your air ticket until the visa has been received.  An air ticket is NOT a visa requirement and does not in itself lead to a visa being granted.

Financials  – Last 3 months ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPIES of bank statements prior to date of departure showing your name & current account balance.     OR/

Last 3 months ORIGINAL or CERTIFIED COPIES of bank statements from the supporting host in Australia.  Along with these bank statements please arrange a letter from the host showing their willingness to do so.

Please note:  Funds in accounts must be available and not held in investment accounts etc.

Employment Letter – An ORIGINAL letter from your employer confirming your employment and leave dates.

Scholars –  An ORIGINAL letter from your school/college etc confirming your enrolment and leave date

Adults Over 70 – Original letter from an Australian panel doctor stating you are fit to travel

Travel Insurance – which covers full medical costs – Medical Aid not accepted

Full medicals and X-rays are only required by applicants over 85 years old

Chest X-RAY – *Only required if planned stay in Australia is longer than 3 months

A chest examination from an AUSTRALIAN APPROVED PANEL RADIOLOGISTS.  Please supply both forms and X-ray plates.

Price –  Complete pricing and quotes can be obtained through our website.
Our service includes collection and delivery to and from your office/ home within an approximate 60km radius of CBD.


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How to Apply for an Instant ETA visa Australia

Here are the steps to follow while applying for Australia visa ETA

  • Complete the Online ETA Visa Application.
  • Enter travel information and passport details for each traveller.
  • After payment, your application is processed instantly and linked to your passport number.
  • Your ETA status is confirmed by email within a few minutes.
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