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Top 10 Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Any question can be asked at the scholarship interview so one must be prepared. However, here are the Top 10 Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. We will show you some must-ask questions and how to go about answering them during a scholarship interview.

The interview session of every scholarship often serves as the final point for most scholarship applicant. Most of the cases are due to inadequate preparation, failure to know the main area of focus. However, anxiety, lack of confidence and many other factors can hinder your chances of making it out of the interview. Here, we have put together the Top 10 Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer Them.

The Top 10 Scholarship Interview Questions you are likely to come across are as follows;

      Tell us About Yourself

This may sound as simple as it seems but most scholarship applicants see it as a big deal. Here, the interviewers want to see what separate you from every other applicant, not necessarily your resume or personal details.

You may have your words cut short if you start telling a very long story about yourself. Simply give a quick introduction followed up with what you think is unique about you.

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2        Why do You Deserve this Scholarship?

This is one must ask question. Not only in scholarship interview but jobs as well. When asked this question, just come up with a simple response like, “I have met all the requirement for this scholarship that is why I think I deserve it”. Or tell them in as much as there are numerous applicants out there that you have every necessary thing required.

3        What your Future Plans or Where do you see Yourself in the Next Few Years?

Telling big stories like how you intend riding the biggest car may leave your chances in big jeopardy. Rather, tell them some superb dreams you have for the future. Drop some live touching facts rather than being self-centred.

4        Have you Ever Won a Scholarship Award Before?

A massive question which goes straight to check your portfolio. There is no point of thinking twice, just go with the fact. This question does not directly have any bearing in the possible outcome of your interview.

However, saying yes when you have not won any scholarship before may be regrettable.

5        What is Your Greatest Achievement?

It could be in any aspect of life but trust me it would be nice to give an educationally related answer. Have you previous won any scholarship award? Then this could be a nice time to talk about it.

Great feats attend during your High school or postgraduate level should be presented here. However, be factual as the next question may likely be triggered by what you give as answer.

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6        How do you Plan to Spend this Money if you Finally get the Award

This is just a tweak to find out if you really need the scholarship you are applying for. You may be a victim of yourself if you mention anything outside the educational circle.

Your education is everything you should speak about here. Tell the interviewer what will possibly acquire in order to help improve your standard educationally.

7        What is your greatest strength?

This is surely your biggest opportunity to show the panel who you are. The guide code here remains being factual. Your answer should be something helpful, beneficial and tend towards problem-solving.

Here you can tell them something your ability to lead others when given an opportunity. Tell them how you were able to change certain things with your previous leadership role. Add more great things you are capable of doing.

8        What is Your Biggest Weakness?

This is one of those possible questions that come during any scholarship interview session. As a human, you definitely must a weakness. Not necessarily a weakness as per se but a point you cannot handle with so much confidence.

You don’t want this to hinder your chances of making it through to the next level right? But believe me, being truthful has a way of reflecting on your face and perhaps making the interview a bit considerate. In as much as you are trying to make it through to the next level don’t be afraid of giving out the facts.

9        Who is Your Role Model?

Here, we can’t tell you your role model but just a tip to guide you. Here is what to consider, you are expected to be smart, and intelligent and you definitely need a role model who has these qualities in them.

Pick a role model that seem good and can easily be adored by the interviewers. Picking the wrong role model equally reduce your chances of making it past the interview stage.

Whoever you pick as your role model though, just ensure you have a piece of deep knowledge about him/her as you may likely be given a follow-up question.

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10        Any Question for me?

This is almost certain to come during any scholarship interview session. The interviewers on many occasions through in this question just to get what you will come up with. Well, here is a tip, your answer or your question as per se must be quite constructive.

Asking some great questions may keep you outstanding. Questions like “What does your organization hope to accomplish in providing this scholarship”? Or “What other academic resources does the scholarship provide”?

Those are the Top 10 Scholarship Interview Questions and How to Answer Them. However, showing good confidence during an interview is quite important. It goes a long way in telling the interviewer just how deep you know what you are talking about.


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