how to write personal statement for a scholarship

How To Write Personal Statement For a Scholarship

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Exclusively, we are going to give you the basic guide on how to write personal statement for a scholarship. Here we have carefully drafted out some good lines and steps to follow when writing a personal statement.

Personal statement often include writing a statement regarding how your personal interests, academic achievements and life experiences have help in preparing you to succeed academically. For instance you apply for a scholarship to study oversees, your personal statement is definitely what will give you that chance. You should be able to demonstrate in your personal statement what you hope to achieve in your selected area of study.

In as much as there is no special way of writing personal statement as different organization have their different requirement. Here we have put up some of the finest guidelines to follow while writing your personal statement.

Here what should be included in your personal statement:

Future Career Objectives

Here is where to express just exactly what you are aiming for. Be able to express just exactly your plans are, where you see yourself during your study years. Be a bit factual, do not over promise, just be realistic with your thoughts. Tell them how you intend to solve educational related problems in the country and how that will help you achieve your goal.

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Previous Studies

Here you should deliver your previous studies experiences and achievement. State a clearly as you can with all the little details. Here you should include your challenges if you had one and how you overcame. The key here is to deliver in details no matter what it is. It must not be great things only, just whatever you encountered.

Work Experience

Picking your working experience from NGO here will be very great and definitely will get a good look in more than the regular paying jobs that others will mention. Now it is time to state your experience working with NGO. In this segment, try bringing every details to book and try being on point as you can. State the problems encountered, how you overcame, how that benefited the society. The main reason you should start with NGO is to show them how altruistic you can be. Now include other working experience if you have one. Not necessarily how it benefited you but what your contribution was while working there. Your relationship with the people, how you affected things positively.

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How You Will Be Successful on The Course

State clearly what your objective of studying the course applied for is. Just as your future career objective, you should be able to detail your future project. This include what you intend to achieve with your learning skills, how you will impact the rest with your skills, how your achievement will be instrumental in moving others forward. Stick to facts and realistic goals not bulky and unrealistic promises.

Your Plans For The Institution And Others

This is quite simple in a way. Its time tell just how your steps and achievement will be of benefit to others and indeed the institution itself. On writing this just remember your personal statement will be carefully scrutinized. So, avoid making unachievable statements.

That’s the exact ingredients your personal statement should contain. Remember, we told you earlier, there is no special way of doing this but those are the basics. Below are other things that is also expected to consider while writing you cover letter.

Keep it Simple

Avoid ambiguous statements. Use simple and straight forward words as it may prove useless to go about writing all the grammars in your mind. Make all your points show in every paragraph as well as keeping short. There is no need prolonging statements, one page will be more than enough for your personal statement.

Be Specific

Let the story be yours. Help your readers remember you and your application by using specific names, illustrations and references. Always use words like “my internship with the Sierra Club’s bald eagle project” rather than “my internship with a renowned environmental organization’s project to save an endangered species. In as much as you try to keep your reader engaged, do that with meaningful lines which are actually yours.

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That’s the basis in writing a personal statement. Your creativity and ideas may have your work looking even better.


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