Commonwealth Scholarship

How To Apply For Commonwealth Scholarship

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Here is how to apply for commonwealth scholarship. The commonwealth scholarship is also referred to as Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP). This is one of the worlds largest scholarship scheme at the moment.

Put together in 1959 for the first time and ever since then this scholarship has gone on to be the world largest scholarship scheme.

Commonwealth Scholarship Criteria

You must meet some certain scholarship criteria to be seen eligible to apply for this scholarship. Here are the criteria you must meet before applying for Commonwealth Scholarship.

  1. Applicant must posses a minimum of Second Class/Upper credit or Post Graduate degree by October.
  2. Intending applicant must be a citizen or an official refugee in a commonwealth country. British protected are also eligible to apply.
  • One should not have worked or pursued Education in any high income or developed country for at least an academic calendar year.
  1. Intending applicant should be in the UK before Academic year resumes. That is by September/October.

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Commonwealth Scholarship Step by Step Application Process

Here are the various steps to follow while applying for the commonwealth scholarship.

  1. There is need to attach several documents like research proposal, motivational letter, personal statement, degree certificates, study Plan. This and more relevant documents should be attached to the commonwealth scholarship application.
  2. The commonwealth scholarship should be made through EAS which is an electronic system introduced by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. Other applications should also be processed through EAS. Applicant should ensure that the applications are submitted through EAS to your applied university else, the application will be forbidden.
  • Know that the last date of application is 17th of April, each year. As mentioned already every university has its own closing date. All applications will be disregarded after the closing date of the university. The application should be made by EAS.
  1. The application process in most occasions solely depends on the University of choice. Different universities have their application rules and requirements as well. There are some universities out there who make it mandatory on their applicants to fill the official university admission form. This admission form has its own closing date so, one needs to be careful in this regards.

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Benefits of Commonwealth Scholarship

The initial intention when applying for scholarship is to have that financial aid. There are actually than just the financial aspect of it. There are a lot of benefits attached with the commonwealth scholarship which we will let you know here.

The air charges which you incur by flying from your home country to the UK is taken care of by your university. Of course, the fare is funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission program covers all your personal maintenance, fees and fares. The other awards and scholarships that cover similar expenses will not be held alongside.

While applying for the scholarship you need to go through a TB test. The charges of this test will be refunded to you by the university (funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission) provided you deposit the test slip to the administration.

The approved examination fee and tuition charges are all funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

The excess baggage allowance is also funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission subject to claim and certain conditions.

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You may require extra clothes for surviving in a cold atmosphere. Do not worry as you will be provided a proper warm clothing allowance (The allowance is provided where it is applicable).

A proper living allowance will be provided to you. The allowance very much depends upon your location. The normal allowance is £1,065/ month however if you are pursuing your education in the London metropolitan area then in such a case, your monthly stipend will be £1,306.

Make sure you follow the guidelines above as you apply for the commonwealth scholarship.

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