Lowest Minimum Wage in Africa

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Here is the list of Lowest Minimum Wage in Africa. We have carefully ranked these countries according to their minimum wage rate in Africa.

Minimum wage simply refers to the lowest amount received by an employee. Or, the lowest amount paid by an employer to its employee. Africa has seen some of the lowest minimum wages when compared to other continents. Some countries have in recent time improved their minimum wage like Libya. Nigeria has announced the increase in minimum wage recently but is yet to fully implement which may not take long. Some countries share similar minimum wage mostly Francophone countries.

Here, we provide you with the ten countries with the lowest minimum wage in Africa.


S/N        Country                           Currency                       Minimum Wage                Dollar Exchange

1              Ethiopia                                CFA Franc                            129,035                                 $14.44

2              Tanzania                              Tanzanian Shilling             40,000                                   $17

3              Eritrea                                   Eritrean Nakfa                   360                                         $24.3

4              Malawi                                 Kwacha MK                        20,631                                   $28.69

5              Liberia                                   Liberian Dollars                 5,600                                     $29.48

6              Gambia                                Dalasi                                    1,500                                     $30.15

7              DR Congo                            Congolese Franc               50,400                                   $30.44

8              Guinea Bissau                    CFA Franc                            19,000                                   $32.26

9              Uganda                                Ugandan Shilling               130,000                                 $34.59

10           Sao Tome and Principe     Dobras                                  750,000                                 $35.01

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That has been the top ten lowest minimum wage in Africa as at the time of writing this post. Minimum wage has never been the same for a very long time as most countries review it periodically.

Libya and South-Africa are currently enjoying the top spot in the highest minimum wage category. However, most countries in the do not have a minimum wage at all. This puts a big question as to how the working condition has been in such countries. It may be good mostly for people employed by big firms but the opposite may as well be the case for other smaller countries.

As seen in the chart above, Ethiopia is the poorest in terms of minimum wage. That simply leaves you wondering what the survival is like in the country. However, we hope this would be reviewed as soon as possible.

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