Highest minimum wage in Africa

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Here we are going to cover the highest minimum wage in Africa. This is after going through thorough research as per who gets the highest pay here in Africa.

Minimum wage in general term means the lowest amount of money paid out to an employee by an employee. This could be weekly, in two weeks or monthly as the case may be. While some country has a low minimum wage, some are equally enjoying high minimum wage at the same time. Some countries most especially in Africa have no minimum wage at all which the implication can be positive or negative as well. Countries in highly developed places like Europe and America enjoy a massive minimum rate and even Australia as well. But Africa seems to be getting some of the lowest minimum wages as compared to other parts of the world.

We already know Morocco and Libya to be topping the list for quite some time now but if you didn’t know, now you know. However, let us see the other countries that are equally high up there in the list of Highest minimum wage in Africa.

Here is the round-up of ten countries in Africa with the highest minimum wage. If you have been wondering where your country is ranked then you have the opportunity to see it for yourself. However, we have made a great compilation of all the countries in Africa with their minimum wages. Now, here is the breakdown of all the Highest minimum wage countries in Africa.

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Note: This report is just for the moment, as minimum wage constantly changes over a period of time. But as at the time of writing this, the below is what the highest minimum wage in Africa looks like.

Country                Currency                              Minimun Wage                 Compare to Dollar           Rank

1 Libya                  Libyan Dollar                      450                                         $322.58                                 1st

2 Morocco           Dirham DH                          3,000                                     $308.53                                 2nd

3 Ghana               Cedis                                     290                                         $283.29                                 3rd

4 Gabon               CFA Franc                            150,000                                 $254.71                                 4th

5 Eq. Guinea       CFA Franc                            129,035                                 $219.11                                 5th

6 South Africa    Rand                                      2,474                                     $168.56                                 6th

7 Djibouti             DJF                                         35,000                                   $196.7                                   7th

8 Congo Br          CFA Franc                            90,000                                   $152.83                                 8th

9 Algeria               Dinar                                     18,000                                   $150                                       9th

10 Cape Verde  escudo                                 13,000                                   $130.75                                 10th

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That has been our list of the highest minimum wage in Africa at the moment. The two North African giant (Morocco and Libya) are slugging it out at the very top at the moment. This may change with time and trust us to equally update it as they come.

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