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8 Simple Steps To Become Amazon Affiliate

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Here in this post we are going to share with you the 8 simple steps to become an Amazon affiliate from anywhere in the world.

amazon affiliate

Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest online shop in the world at the moment. Founded in 1996 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has gone on to take over as the world most successful online mall playing a leading role to every other enterprise in this category. Not just have Amazon gone on to be the worlds leading online shop but they have also made million people around the world millionaire through their affiliate scheme. Amazon affiliate seems to be the most juicy affiliate program you can ever think of. It involves zero capital but with a potential of making you a millionaire.

Here are the 8 simple steps of becoming an Amazon affiliate:

Step 1:

Open your web browser on any device (Computer, Tablet or Smartphone) and type-in the Amazon affiliate link tap on the “Join Now For Free” button usually at the top-right of your device.

Step 2:

Login to your Amazon account by clicking “Sign In Using Our Secured Server” button.

NOTE: You need to have registered with Amazon to be able to Login.

Step 3:

Select your address. First your country from the “Drop Down Button”, Payee Name, Mailing address, city, state/province, Zip Code, phone number. The “contact name and phone” section is applicable to persons who have different manager of the Amazon affiliate account.

Step 4:

Fill in your Mobile app or website details where applicable. It is very important to fill in you website and mobile app addresses (if any) in the boxes provided. Soon as it get approved, then “Click On Next” below the website box to continue.

Step 5:

Profile is next. Here you will choose your preferred appearance name where you have “What is Your Preferred Associate Store ID”. Select your website topic option, the item to display option, type of app or website option, Traffic and Monetization, website utilization option, link building process, expected visitor to your site, reasons for joining the campaign and click on next.

Step 6:

Here is the verification stage. Select your country code from the dropdown button, enter your phone number and click on “Call Me Now” button.

Step 7:

Upon answering the call, you will be provided with a verification pin. Enter the pin in the appropriate box provided.

Step 8:

Here is the final stage. Click on the “Finish” button to complete your application process. Once your application is approved you will receive unique Amazon Associate ID specially made for you.

Those are the 8 simple steps to follow while creating your Amazon affiliate account.

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How Much Can I Make As An Amazon Affiliate?

In as much as we can’t tell the exact amount you will make as an Amazon affiliate, you surely don’t have any limit as to what you can make. What you put in is exactly what you get out. If you have a thousand people shopping from your link in a month, then you get your percentage based on the commission structure.

What Qualifies You To Be An Amazon Affiliate?

Website or Mobile app period. Am speaking as one, so I have all the right information you may need. You don’t need any educational qualification to enroll in the Amazon affiliate and the entire process is absolutely free.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Unlike some affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate is quite simple. You don’t need a bunch of learning material before doing this. It simply involves website owners creating links for readers or potential buyers to click on. This links redirects the customer to Amazon store, pointing at the particular product the buyers intends buying or the entire Gallery.

Amazon affiliate is one of the highest paying affiliate program right now. So, if you had any intention going into it, then you don’t need to think twice.

Hope we got you covered on this very topic? Drop your comment, enquiry or contribution the box below if you have any.

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