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Reasons Students Drop Out Of School

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Dropping out of school has become a common occurrence in society today. Like is commonly said, that there is no problem without a cause and as such. The reasons why students drop out of school be it high school or college will be enumerated below.


Why Students Drop Out of High Schools


1)    Financial Challenges: students sometimes drop out of high schools due to the parent’s inability to foot their school bills. This may arise as a result of parents experiencing failure or disappointment in their respective businesses. While some parents plead with their children to understandably drop out, others force the children to drop out and embrace trade in order to keep the family going.

Some students also experience financial challenges as a result of the parent’s shift of responsibilities. Both parents believing the other will foot the children school bills when laziness sets in, the children will drop out due to inability to pay school fees and meet other general monetary demand of the school.


2)    Low Mental Capability: High school students who fall into this category, without substantial encouragement from parents, teachers and fellow students often drop out of school. Students with low mental capacity primary experience poor academic performance, where they cannot meet up with their parent’s purported demands such as “you must come first in your class failure to meet the said target continually often trigger their decisions to drop out.

They do this with the ideology that school is not meant for everyone and they have been listed in that category. This is often triggered by rejection in class, name calling by parents and members of the family and discouragement from teachers.

3)    Maternity/Paternity: this is addressed holistically because boys are sometimes affected. Teenage pregnancy and impregnating can cause students to drop out of high school. The man has to drop out of school to cater to his unborn child while the girl has to drop out for childbirth.

4)    Encroachment from Family Business and Responsibilities: At high school stage, students who do not have full capacity to take full decisions for themselves, could be easily persuaded to forfeit school for family responsibilities which may include caring for younger ones, caring for sick parents, or in pursuit and furtherance of family small scale business.

Why Students Drop out of Colleges


At the college level, indigent students may drop out when they can no longer put up with the financial demands of the school due to lack of support, no parents/ guardians and financially buoyant relations who are willing to help.

Poor Grades

A student who cannot achieve excellent academic performance may likely drop out. Poor academic performance is not only caused by students but also the teachers of specific courses.

Poor grades can lead to students’ decision to drop out of college with the consolation that dropping out is better than graduating with an insignificant grade.

Sometimes, when the institution can no longer accommodate students with extremely low grades, they are asked to withdraw in their own interest.

Working and schooling;

Many college students who cater for themselves find it difficult to cope with the strenuous demands of these two obligations and may decide to quit one to continue the other. In most cases, the scale of preference comes in to play. Quitting the job will render them financially incapacitated, so with the belief that they can study when things get better, they drop out of college to embraces their jobs.

Frequent Failure in Examination:

When college students fail examinations, they are expected to carry over such courses to their next academic level. The following realities hit them;

  1. a) Paying for failed courses
  2. b) Retrogressing instead of progressing at the same pace as colleagues
  3. c) Some failures may even amount to extra years thereby extending their academic years.

When this happens, a student who cannot cope with such challenges is likely to drop out with the hope of trying out other areas of interest.

Health Challenges

Students with a critically poor health condition may be asked to withdraw from colleges or willingly drop out to tackle and assuage the bad condition.

In cases like this students do this out grief and hope to return to school as soon as their health stabilizes.

Wrong Company and Peer Influence

College students are often found mingling with people with contrary characters and focus. This gradually makes them truant and suddenly lose interest in school and drop out.


Ways of Preventing Students from Dropping out of School

With recent time’s breakthrough in several aspects of life, dropping out of school can be prevented in the following ways;

  • Good parental care; parents should endeavor to cater financially for the academic needs of their children.
  • Students with low intelligent quotients should be encouraged to do better by parents, guardians, teachers and mates.
  • Teenage pregnancy and paternity should be addressed by giving the students proper sexual orientation both in school and at home and stating in clear terms the setbacks of indulging in such acts.
  • Parents should avoid shifting responsibilities. Parents should not ask their children to drop out of school just to care for their younger ones. In the case of sick parents, other family members should assist while the students take over from them after school hours.
  • College students who consider low grades should be discouraged from dropping out.
  • Teachers of specific subjects or courses colleges should be penalized for the unwarranted failure of college students in their courses.
  • College students should consider the friends they keep and friends can either make or mar their future.
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