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Samsung Wall TV: Samsung Absurd, Everything You Need To Know

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Samsung wall TV is one of the biggest trending technology innovation so far in 2019. Samsung Absurd 219-inches wall TV becomes the very first of its kind produced by electronics giant Samsung.

Samsung will never stop amazing the world with some cutting edge technology with the latest being the Absurd wall TV. First debuted in 2018 CES, Samsung came back this year with the Micro LED-based TV which is available for custom installation for homes and offices. The new introduction comes with much smaller panels and modular panels to interlock and create a superb screen with no bezels providing a much wider viewing angle. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest things we are seeing this year so far. Already in display in most of the world-class cinemas, believe me, every other cinema would like to have same.

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Samsung Absurd Wall TV matches a great body design with quality DG sound. No need for additional sound enhancement. This amazing appliance is fully powered with great sound quality that can comfortably cover 200-meter square. Only for a bigger cinema, you may demand additional speaker else Samsung Absurd TV boost massive sound quality.


It is no more news that electronics giant Samsung is the best when it has to do with the display. Just like their mobile devices, Samsung Absurd comes with the remarkable display quality. Samsung Wall TV boost up to a massive 7680 x 4320 display pixel giving viewers massive viewing experience.

Design and Framework

I lack words to describe this appliance. If there are any standards in the electronic world then Samsung has beaten that. This device features a superb liquid crystal display system. With a super slim body size, Samsung Absurd gums beautifully on the wall.

Expect more from Samsung this year and as soon as they drop, we will always analyze them here.

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